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Welcome To AG's COOL!!!

Endorsed by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Public Instruction, this website was designed with both the teacher and the student in mind. The teacher section of AG's COOL has lots of commodity information, teacher tips and supplemental activity materials all with links to appropriate pages to help give you the most accurate, up-to-date information. The student's side of AG's COOL is designed for easier commodity reading and is jam-packed with interactive games to make learning about North Carolina agriculture educational and fun!

To learn more about how AG's COOL is designed, how it can fit into your lesson plans and how it meets North Carolina's fourth grade state curriculum guidelines, click here.

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While using AG's COOL perhaps you have more questions, would like to have hard copy information or are interested in setting up class presentations. The Commmodity Association Directory List found here is sure to be the answer to your agricultural needs. In it you will find contacts, addresses and telephone numbers of North Carolina commodity associations.

The student's side of this site is broken up into categories. Teacher info specific to those categories is available below:


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