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Ag's Cool _ Goodness grows in North Carolina

Do your part to help North Carolina agriculture!

Goodness Grows in North Carolina logo

This symbol identifies Goodness Grows In North Carolina products. Whether it is produce, meat, seafood, plants or packaged items, if the GGINC logo is on it, it represents North Carolina grown agriculture.

The Goodness Grows In North Carolina program is the official marketing program of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. Any producer or processor in North Carolina may join the program free of cost as long as their product meets the following requirements:

  • Product must be top quality (must meet all local, state and federal requirements)
  • Product must be produced or processed in North Carolina.
  • If the item is processed, it must contain North Carolina agricultural products when available.

The Freshness From North Carolina Waters program is the sister program of Goodness Grows In North Carolina. The Freshness From North Carolina Waters logo represents any aquaculture product with membership in the Goodness Grows In North Carolina program, ranging from farm-raised catfish and trout to seafood from the North Carolina coast.

The next time you're shopping, remember to look for the Goodness Grows In North Carolina logo--it means quality!


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