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1217 Interagency Guidance Documents

9th Transmittal Memo

9th Guidance Document

Appendix 1.1A Application Windows 091906.pdf

Appendix 1.1B Emergency Action Plan 121896.pdf

Appendix 1.1C Cattle Odor Control Checklist 041806.pdf

Appendix 1.1D Swine Odor Control Checklist 072519.pdf

Appendix 1.1E Poultry Odor Control Checklist 111196.pdf

Appendix 1.1F Insect Control Checklist for Animal Ops 111196.pdf

Appendix 1.1G Mortality Management Methods 112618.pdf

Appendix 1.20 Guidelines to Justify Additional App or Exten.pdf

Appendix 1.21A Crop Mgt Practices for Selected Forages 071398.pdf

Appendix 1.23 Use of On-Farm Records AG-439-42 Sept 2000.pdf

Appendix 1.26A NCCES Sludge Survey form and worksheets

Appendix 1.26B DSWC Copper and Zinc projection worksheet exa.pdf

Appendix 1.31 RYE Values for Seeded Bermuda INMC 081706.pdf

Appendix 1.32 Animal Waste Application on Turf Sods

Appendix 2.2A Notification of Change of Ownership 110106.pdf

Appendix 2.2C Request for Reactivation form 071200.pdf

Appendix 2.4 Components of Animal Waste Mgt Plan Dec 1996.pdf

Appendix 2.5A Animal Waste Mgt Plan Certification 091206.pdf

Appendix 2.5B SWCC Criteria for Tech Specialists Designation.pdf

Appendix 3.1 Waste Pond and Lagoon Closure Form 050407.pdf

Appendix 5.1A General Guidelines for Dairies & Paved Beef F.pdf

Appendix 5.1B Unpaved Beef Feedlots 072397.pdf

Appendix 5.2 Swine on Dry Lots 072397.pdf

Appendix 5.3A Poultry Dry Litter Mgt Plan DPLMP 031797.pdf

Appendix 5.3B Dry Litter Forms 031797.pdf

Appendix 5.5A NPDES Poultry Litter Nutrient Mgt Plan 010405.pdf

Appendix 5.5B NPDES DRY-1 Form 102704.pdf

Appendix 5.5C NPDES DRY-2 Form102704.pdf

Appendix 5.5D NPDES DRY-3 Form 102704.pdf

Appendix 6.1 Wettable Acres Determination Certification WAD.pdf

Appendix 6.5 Animal Wastewater App System Design Checklist .pdf

Appendix 7.5A Manure Hauler Registration Form 121506.pdf

Appendix 7.5B Manure Hauler Operation Annual Reporting Form.xls

Appendix 8.1 Waste Application Setbacks 092006.pdf

Appendix 8.3 NRCS Waste Management Facility Site Evaluation.pdf

Appendix 11.1A Operator in Charge Designation Form.pdf

Appendix 11.1B Classification of AWMS 072198.pdf


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