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Professional Development - Supervisor Training Program

NC General Statue 139-7.2 includes training requirements for district supervisors:

§ 139-7.2.  Training of elective and appointive district supervisors.

(a)        All district supervisors, whether elected or appointed, shall complete a minimum of six clock hours of training per term of service.

(b)        The training shall include soil, water, and natural resources conservation and the duties and responsibilities of district supervisors.

(c)        The training may be provided by the School of Government at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, or other qualified sources as approved by the Soil and Water Conservation Commission.  (2018-113, s. 12.)


Program rules are outlined in North Carolina Administrative Code (NCAC), Title 02, Chapter 59, SubChapter A. These rules dictate required Basic Training, continuing training requirements, supervisor training credits, supervisor removal procedures, and more.

Program Delivery:

The NC Soil and Water Conservation Commission has approved education guidelines and criteria governing course eligibility and approved credit hours for local district supervisors to achieve the annual training requirement. The Commission has delegated authority to the Division of Soil and Water Conservation to administer and market the program, including awarding and tracking approved credit hours or "Supervisor Training Credits" (STCs) according to established criteria. The Commission retains authority to consider appeals for decisions to deny or limit approved STCs, as requested by local soil and water conservation district supervisors.

Detailed information related to the program may be found in the Commission's District Supervisor Training Program and Policy (November 2018).

Training Considerations:

To be approved for STCs, the course or event shall include content related to one of two training topics, as listed in NC General Statute 139-7.2:

  • Soil, water, and natural resources conservation
  • Duties and responsibilities of district supervisors

In general, education topics dealing with the overall operations of soil and water conservation districts will qualify for STCs. Educational topics directly relating to almost any aspect of supervisor duties or responsibilities will be considered for approval. Learning about the responsibilities of the district board is considered training; executing the responsibilities of the district board is not considered training.  Learning about opportunities in which the district may engage, or how the district may operate to take advantage of opportunities is considered training; district engagement is not considered training. 

To find a specific list of opportunities to obtain STCs, please refer to Appendix A in the Guidelines document posted above.

Approved Courses for STC Credit:

In keeping with the training considerations above, a listing of upcoming courses that can be approved for STCs is available HERE.

In general, STCs are awarded for the NCASWCD Annual Meeting, Basic Training for Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisors, NCASWCD Area Spring and Fall Meetings, and local training opportunities.  Contact your Regional Coordinator to discuss local training activities that may be approved for credit; in general, these will be district or partnership sponsored, and not individual supervisor activities.

STCs Logged by Supervisors:

All supervisors, whether elected or appointed, are required to secure a minimum of six (6) STCs per term. The period for this requirement is the first Monday in December, through the first Monday in December four years later. Credit is assigned on the basis of one (1) STC being equal to one (1) hour of instruction; there is a 15-minute minimum and STCs are approved in quarter hour increments.

Supervisors are responsible to verify the STC hours awarded for their training activities. A report of STCs achieved is posted below and is updated at least quarterly:

2020-2024 STC Report - posted 01.18.23

2022-2026 STC Report - posted 01.18.23


Districts and other interested parties are encourgaged to provide feedback on program policies, systems, or any other aspect of the Supervisor Training Program; please email your comments to Division Director - Vernon Cox -, Division Eastern Region Coordinator - Kristina Fischer -, or Commission Chair - John Langdon -


NCDA&CS Division of Soil & Water Conservation, Vernon Cox, Director
Mailing Address: 1614 Mail Service Center, Raleigh NC 27699-1614
Physical Address: 216 West Jones Street, Raleigh North Carolina 27603
Phone: 919.707.3770

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