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For Districts - Listserv

Two listservs are administered and moderated by the division for communication regarding soil and water conservation topics:

  1. The district listserv is the primary communication tool used by the partnership to convey information of significant common interest to the state's 96 soil and water conservation district offices, district supervisors, the Association, division staff and other partner agencies with an interest in the activities of these organizations.
  2. The districts only listserv is used for internal communication directly with district office staff and supervisors.

District Listserv

To Subscribe

To subscribe to the district listserv, please follow instructions available at the link below:

Listserv Protocol - established 4.7.11

In order to maintain the viability of this communication medium, all submitted postings should be pertinent to the work of conservation districts and of obvious or potential value to the majority of subscribers.

Submit posts to:

Note: The listserv moderator is unable to change the subject line of an e-mail submitted for posting. Therefore, please include a concise subject line reflective of your post to help subscribers manage incoming messages.

The listserv is not intended to be used as a means to share general or personal news or information on the activities of an individual district or area. (District newsletters are the exception).

The listserv moderator reserves the right to reject posts falling outside conservation issues or those of little value to the majority of subscribers. Please send information such as this to your area coordinator for dissemination.

Examples of acceptable listserv posts:

  • Information relating to conservation programs that would be of interest to listserv subscribers throughout the state
  • District newsletters
  • Conservation workshops offered at several locations across the state
  • Information of considerable value to the conservation partnership, such as the announcement of the association's Executive Director or a death announcement of a prominent, long-standing member of the conservation partnership.

Examples of unacceptable listserv posts:

  • Advertisements
  • Local or regional workshops or information
  • Workshops/events not related to conservation or of interest to the majority of subscribers
  • Legislative efforts
  • Fund-raising efforts
  • Personal information to include illnesses, most deaths (see acceptable posts above for the exception), marriage, births, retirement events, etc. This type of information should be disseminated through area coordinators.

Districts Only Listserv

To Subscribe

Email your Regional Coordinator or Cost Share Specialist to be added to this distribution list: division staff contact information is available online.


NCDA&CS Division of Soil & Water Conservation, Vernon Cox, Director
Mailing Address: 1614 Mail Service Center, Raleigh NC 27699-1614
Physical Address: 216 West Jones Street, Raleigh North Carolina 27603
Phone: 919.707.3770

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