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For Districts - Accelerated Technical Assistance for Conservation (ATAC)

About ATAC

In 2010 the Division of Soil and Water Conservation entered into an agreement with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service to provide funds to enable the division to hire several part-time temporary employees across the state.  The purpose of the positions is to increase technical assistance available to enable accelerated implementation of conservation programs and practices. The ATAC agreement runs through September 30, 2018.

Although ATAC employees are employed by the Division of Soil and Water Conservation, they receive daily technical oversight and duty assignments from a local monitor employee who may be a division employee, a district employee, or an NRCS employee. 

ATAC employees may occasionaly be assigned duties in locations outside their duty station county, but within the same NRCS Area. From time to time the division and NRCS may amend the agreement to add positions or modify or relocate existing positions.

ATAC employees typically work 24-29 hours per week.  ATAC employees are not authorized to work on official state holidays

State Personnel Policy limits temporary employees to 12 months of continuous employment.  Temporary employees must take a 32-day break in employment each 12 months to comply with this policy.  Temporary employees who certify themselves to be either students or retirees not seeking permanent employment are exempt from the requirement to take a 32-day break in service.


Procedures for Selecting and Hiring New ATAC Employees

The agreement specifies the locations and types of positions that can be funded, and the division works with the local districts and the Human Resources Division (HRD) of the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to select and hire qualified candidates. If necessary, the HRD will advertise the vacancy and recruit potential candidates for the division and the designated local supervisor to consider.  The district board of supervisors and the ASTC-FO must concur with the selection of any employee to be placed in a local district office. Once a recommended candidate is determined and needed concurrence obtained, the recommended candidate must submit the following items to the Division of Soil and Water Conservation's HR Contact, Maegan Trimnal.

The recommded employee will receive an email with a request to submit the following additional information:

  • BEACON Data Information Form (will be emailed to recommended candidate individually)
  • Copy of their Social Security card for payroll purposes

The HRD will review the application to verify the recommended candidate meets the qualifications for the position. 

On the employees first day of work, he/she must complete the I9, Employment Eligibility Verification Form, and present to the local supervisor the necessary documentation to verify eligibility  (see the list of documents that can be used to satisfy eligibility on page 9 of the form). The I9 form should be completed in the employee's own handwriting and signed by the local supervisor.  The completed and signed I9 form should be scanned and emailed to the HR Contact, Maegan Trimnal.

Questions should be directed to Maegan Trimnal at 919-707-3775.

Reporting Requirements for ATAC Employees

ATAC employees will record their hours worked each day into the State's BEACON system.  Time entered will be reviewed and approved by the division bi-weekly. 

Each employee will also be issued a deliverables diary to submit monthly to document their contributions to accelerating technical assistance and conservation delivery.  The deliverables diary must be signed by the local monitor and emailed to the division by the 5th day of each month.

PDF DocumentBiweekly Pay Calendar for ATAC Employees

Procedures for Reimbursement of Travel Expenses

The ATAC agreement includes modest funding to reimburse ATAC employees for travel expenses related to performance of their job duties.  This includes reimbursement of mileage expenses for use of a personal vehicle for official business, for authorized meals and lodging expenses, and for registration costs for training events and meetings.  All expenses must be pre-approved by the Division project administrator.  Travel expenses are limited to the following maximums:

  In-State Out-of-State


Lunch $11.00 $11.00
Dinner $18.90 $21.60
Lodging (Hotel receipt required) $71.20 + tax $84.10 + tax
Mileage < 100 mi
Mileage > 100 mi

Note:  All ATAC employees have access to government vehicles and should use those vehicles for travel, if they are available.

To request reimbursement of approved travel expenses, the ATAC employee must complete a travel reimbursement form and send it to:

Attn:  ATAC Project Administrator
NC Division of Soil and Water Conservation
1614 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1614

All reimbursements are distributed by electronic funds transfer to the employee's financial institution of choice.  Each ATAC employee's initial reimbursement request must include a completed E-pay form with an attached voided check on the account to which the reimbursement should be paid.


For More Information

Contact David Williams or the Assistant State Conservationist for Field Operations for your respective area.


NCDA&CS Division of Soil & Water Conservation, Vernon Cox, Director
Mailing Address: 1614 Mail Service Center, Raleigh NC 27699-1614
Physical Address: 216 West Jones Street, Raleigh North Carolina 27603
Phone: 919.707.3770

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