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Hurricane Florence Disaster Response

The General Assembly has appropriated disaster recovery funds to help implement BMPs that will address the impacts of Hurricane Florence. The following BMPs and allocations were approved by the Soil and Water Conservation Commission on October 23, 2018.

Policies for Hurricane Response and Background on Allocation

Map of Eligible Counties

Request a Funding Change in Disaster Response Funds

Powerpoint Overview

Frequently Asked Questions - NEW

Approved BMPs

Pond Repair BMPs

Agricultural Pond Repair/Retrofit

Emergency Agricultural Pond Repair/Retrofit

Emergency Auxillary Spillway Repair/Retrofit

Road Repair BMPs

Non-Field Farm Road Repair

Emergency Access Restoration


Disaster Pasture Renovation - REVISED

Disaster Winter Forage Crop Incentive

Disaster Lagoon Management Incentive - REVISED

Disaster Lagoon Utilization Incentive Addendum to the Waste Utilization Plan Statement -NEW

Disaster Repairs and Renovations for BMPs

Approved Allocations

2018 Florence BMP Allocation

The Division has created 3 Formsite surveys to collect Hurricane Florence disaster response information. Please continue to edit and add new responses:

  1. Florence – Watershed Recovery Needs – Use to report estimates to remove stream debris and repair damages to streams and adjacent lands, including drainage/stormwater management infrastructure and agricultural conservation practices

  2. Florence – Non-Field Farm Road Repair Needs – Use to report location-specific needs for repairs to farm roads damaged by Hurricane Florence. Used for allocation purposes.

  3. Florence – Agricultural Pond Repair Needs – Use to report location-specific needs for repairs to ponds used for agricultural purposes damaged by Hurricane Florence. Used for allocation purposes.

Additional Opportunity for Farmers impacted by Hurricane Florence

Application period for Hurricane Florence Agricultural Disaster Program of 2018 open through December10th


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