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Cost Share Programs - Agriculture Cost Share Program (ACSP)

Best Management Practices

PDF DocumentGeneral Policies for Commission Cost Share Programs

Agrichemical Pollution Prevention Measures

PDF DocumentRequirements for agrichemical pollution prevention measures

Abandoned tree removal

Agrichemical containment and mixing facility

Agrichemical handling facility

Chemigation backflow prevention

Fertigation backflow prevention

Portable agrichemical mixing station

Precision agrichemical application

Erosion and Nutrient Management Measures

PDF DocumentRequirements for erosion and nutrient management measures

Conservation cover

Cover Crop

Critical area planting

Cropland conversion


Land smoothing


Pastureland conversion

Pasture renovation

Prescribed Grazing

Residue and Tillage Management

Rooftop runoff management

Sod-Based Rotation



Wetland restoration system

Sediment and Nutrient Management Measures

PDF DocumentRequirements for sediment and nutrient management measures

Abandoned well closure

Agricultural pond repair/retrofit

Agricultural pond sediment removal

Agricultural road repair/stabilization

All-season agricultural access

PDF DocumentAgricultural water collection system

Field border

Filter strip

Grade stabilization structure

Grassed waterway

Nutrient management

Precision nutrient management

Riparian buffer

Rock-lined outlet

Sediment basin

Stream restoration

Streambank and shoreline protection

Stream Debris Removal

Water control structure

Stream Protection Management Measures

PDF DocumentRequirements for stream protection management measures

Heavy use area protection

Livestock exclusion fencing

Livestock feeding area

Spring development

Stocktrails and walkways

Stream crossing

Stream Protection Well

Trough or tank

Waste Management Measures

PDF DocumentRequirements for waste management measures

Closure - waste impoundments

Concentrated nutrient source management system

Constructed wetlands


Feeding/waste storage structure

Heavy use area protection

Insect control practice

Lagoon biosolid removal practice

Livestock mortality management system            

Manure composting facility

Manure/litter transportation incentive

Odor control management system

Retrofit of on-going animal operations

Solids separation from tank/raceway-based aquaculture production

Storm water management system

Waste application systems

Waste treatment lagoon/storage pond










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