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Fee Increases

Last Updated 4/26/04

On June 30, 2003, North Carolina Governor Mike Easley signed legislation that, in part, increased certain fees that are collected by the North Carolina Pesticide Section under the North Carolina Pesticide Law of 1971. Such changes were to the commercial licensing fee, the aircraft inspection fee, and the pesticide registration fee .

Commercial Licensing and  Aircraft Inspection Fee Increases

Effective July 15, 2003, the annual pesticide commercial licensing fee increased to $50.00. 

And the aircraft inspection fee will cost $25.00.

There is no increase in fees for private applicators.

Registration Fee Increases

Effective July 15, 2003 the annual pesticide registration fee  increased to $100.00 per brand or grade of pesticide sold in North Carolina. 

Please note that the Pesticide Environmental Trust Fund Assessment Fees did NOT change. They remain, based upon the level of gross sales of the product within North Carolina during the previous year, at either $25.00 (Gross sales equal to or less than $5000.00) or $50.00 (Gross sales of greater than $5000.00) per brand or grade.


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