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Gypsy Moth Regulatory Program

Egg Mass Car Wheel
Egg masses being laid on a car wheel.

The Regulatory Program addresses the human dimension of the gypsy moth problem.  Without humans, GMgypsy moths are capable of only short movement because the female moth does not fly.  However, gypsy moth females will lay their eggs on almost anything, from car wheels to firewood to yard furniture and play equipment.  When people transport articles with gypsy moth lifestages on them, new infestations may appear far away, at the peoples’ destination.

As the gypsy moth becomes established in a new area, that location is placed under quarantine in an effort to reduce the potential spread of this destructive pest.  Under a quarantine, movement of articles that are at a high risk of harboring gypsy moth, such as logs, firewood, RVs, mobile homes, and Christmas trees, are regulated.  In order to ship outside of a quarantined area, regulated articles must be inspected or treatments may need to be applied to ensure articles are free of the gypsy moth.

mapIn North Carolina, all of Currituck and a portion of Dare counties are currently under quarantine for the gypsy moth.  However, no new North Carolina gypsy moth quarantines have been added since 1989 (when these counties were quarantined) largely due to the aggressive trapping and treatment programs implemented by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (NCDA&CS).



For more information on the Regulatory Program, please view this USDA gypsy moth publication

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