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Meat and Poultry Inspection Division

Civil Penalties and Other Legal Actions



Civil Penalties

Charlotte Market 04/07/2021 View PDF
Island Produce 04/19/2021 View PDF
Furman Howell 12/08/2021 View PDF

Notices of Warning

Cool Springs Meat Processing 01/21/2021 View PDF  
Hollywood Fit 03/23/2021 View PDF  
Matter More Coffee 03/23/2021 View PDF  
Smoky Tony's BBQ 03/23/2021 View PDF  
Casablanca Market 03/24/2021 View PDF  
Chef Sarah Gore Events and Catering 04/07/2021 View PDF  
Farmer and the Dail 04/07/2021 View PDF  
Scarborough Fare Catering 04/07/2021 View PDF  
Long Life Nutrition 04/08/2021 View PDF  
Deans Farm Market 04/14/2021 View PDF  
Artisan's Nest 05/19/2021 View PDF  
Flowers Slaughter House 05/19/2021 View PDF  
Tienda Lily 05/19/2021 View PDF  
Eastover Trading Company 06/23/2021 View PDF  
Mr. Furman Howell 06/23/2021 View PDF  
Eagle Island Fruit and Seafood Stand 07/29/2021 View PDF  
Southern Foods (Cheney Brothers) 07/29/2021 View PDF  
Ellison Foods 08/18/2021 View PDF  
JTS Farms, LLC 08/18/2021 View PDF  
Beaufort Grocery Co. 09/23/2021 View PDF  
Emerald Isle Wine Market 09/23/2021 View PDF  
Proformance Pet Supply 09/23/2021 View PDF  
Rancho Porvenir Livestock 09/30/2021 View PDF  
Stedman Soda Shop, Inc. 11/04/2021 View PDF  
Crazy David's Discount Variety 12/02/2021 View PDF  
Nana's Skins 12/02/2021 View PDF  
Better Basket 12/17/2021 View PDF  
Pembroke Discount Grocery 12/21/2021 View PDF  






Civil Penalties and Other Legal Actions




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