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Meat and Poultry Inspection Division

Civil Penalties and Other Legal Actions



Civil Penalties

A Full Measure, Inc., Est. 40282 01/11/2019 View PDF
Mommy's EZ Baking 02/26/2019 View PDF
Foothills Local Meats 05/14/2019 View PDF
Rayfield's Meat Center 05/14/2019 View PDF
Two Brothers Pork Skins 05/23/2019 View PDF
High Point Halal Meats 05/28/2019 View PDF
Adam Farms 09/10/2019 View PDF

Notices of Warning

Farm Brew 01/07/2019 View PDF  
Go Coconuts 01/07/2019 View PDF  
360 Southern Grille 01/11/2019 View PDF  
Jose Arturo Alverarez Gonzalez 01/11/2019 View PDF  
Beau's Place 01/22/2019 View PDF  
Donnell Monk 02/26/2019 View PDF  
Firehouse Foods 02/26/2019 View PDF  
God's Grace Convenience Store 02/26/2019 View PDF  
Kenansville Food Mart 02/26/2019 View PDF  
Sirbros African & Caribbean Market 02/26/2019 View PDF  
Bedor Elnegomi 03/21/2019 View PDF  
Makkah Market 03/21/2019 View PDF  
Marshville Rockstore BBQ 03/21/2019 View PDF  
Union Street Market 03/21/2019 View PDF  
Abarrotes Y Novedades Olea 04/12/2019 View PDF  
Appalachian Vintner 04/12/2019 View PDF  
Bowls on a Roll 2Go Meal Prep & Bistro 04/12/2019 View PDF  
Charles Edward Strickland 04/12/2019 View PDF  
Fit 4 Life 04/12/2019 View PDF  
Winterbloom Tea 04/12/2019 View PDF  
Domino's 04/29/2019 View PDF  
Green, Lean & Clean 04/29/2019 View PDF  
Imelda's Mexican Store 04/29/2019 View PDF  
Monkey Joe's 04/29/2019 View PDF  
XpressPrep, LLC 04/29/2019 View PDF  
Alexandria International Wholesale Trading Inc. 05/14/2019 View PDF  
Arnulfo Uribe Bahena 06/07/2019 View PDF  
The Country Store 06/07/2019 View PDF  
Michael Roberson 06/07/2019 View PDF  
Alejandra Gonzalez Lagunas 07/03/2019 View PDF  
GNC Holdings, Inc 07/03/2019 View PDF  
Town Market 07/03/2019 View PDF  
The Friendly Market Produce 07/05/2019 View PDF  
Fit Fresh Kitchen 07/25/2019 View PDF  
No Limits Fitness 07/25/2019 View PDF  
Mill Spring Farm Store 08/15/2019 View PDF  
Tienda Mexicana La Miexteca 08/15/2019 View PDF  
Southeast Oriental Market 08/30/2019 View PDF  
Brave Bone Broth 09/06/2019 View PDF  
Dixie Belle's Kool Koncessions 09/12/2019 View PDF  
Merary Bakery 09/12/2019 View PDF  
Island Mart 09/13/2019 View PDF  
Spear Country Store & Hardware 09/13/2019 View PDF  
Krystal Vigo 10/03/2019 View PDF  
Chef & Farm 10/15/2019 View PDF  
River's Edge Market 10/31/2019 View PDF  
Claymore dba Hobe's Country Ham 11/13/2019 View PDF  
Nguyen Long Huu 11/13/2019 View PDF  






Civil Penalties and Other Legal Actions




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Physical Address: 2 West Edenton Street , Raleigh, NC 27601
Phone: (919) 707-3180; FAX: (919) 715-0246;TA Office: (919) 707-3195

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