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Meat and Poultry Inspection Division

Civil Penalties and Other Legal Actions



Civil Penalties

McButt's Country Sausage, LLC 06/30/2017 View PDF
Billy Asian Market 10/02/2017 View PDF
Trinity Supermarket, Inc 10/11/2017 View PDF
Kevin Dale Stevens 10/26/2017 View PDF
M&M Farms 11/27/2017 View PDF

Notices of Warning

Charlotte Market 01/13/2017 View PDF  
Trinity Supermarket, Inc 01/13/2017 View PDF  
Baity's Meat Processing 02/07/2017 View PDF  
Italian Gourmet Market 02/07/2017 View PDF  
Bare Essentials Natural Market 02/15/2017 View PDF  
Julie Everhart 03/03/2017 View PDF  
New Century Grocery & Food 03/03/2017 View PDF  
Compare Foods 03/29/2017 View PDF  
Cary African & Carribean Market 04/10/2017 View PDF  
V&K Asian Market 04/10/2017 View PDF  
Billy's Asian Food Market 04/13/2017 View PDF  
YZ Asian Market 04/13/2017 View PDF  
Kenneth Buelin & Gina Buelin 05/03/2017 View PDF  
Zeus Delrosario 05/03/2017 View PDF  
Deekos African Market 05/26/2017 View PDF  
Reto's Home Cuisine, LLC dba Reto's Kitchen Catering 05/26/2017 View PDF  
A.S. Margraf's Fine Foods 06/15/2017 View PDF  
Heavenly Beezzz 06/15/2017 View PDF  
GHM Express 06/15/2017 View PDF
McLaughlin's 07/10/2017 View PDF  
El Jacal II 07/26/2017 View PDF  
Rayfield Meat Center 07/26/2017 View PDF  
NC International Grocery Store 09/13/2017 View PDF  
Rincon Latino 09/13/2017 View PDF  
Vegetable Kingdom 09/13/2017 View PDF  
Master Blend Family Farms 09/27/2017 View PDF  
Salem Hills Farms 09/27/2017 View PDF  
Taqueria Mexican La Rancherita 10/11/2017 View PDF  
Tienda Y Tortilleria Los Remedios 10/11/2017 View PDF  
The Captain's Corner 10/25/2017 View PDF  
Carolina Fish Market 11/14/2017 View PDF  
Country Fresh Produce 12/21/2017 View PDF  
El Rinconcito Grocery Store 12/21/2017 View PDF  
Gary K.Sparks 12/21/2017 View PDF  






Civil Penalties and Other Legal Actions -- 2016
Civil Penalties and Other Legal Actions -- 2015

Civil Penalties and Other Legal Actions -- 2014
Civil Penalties and Other Legal Actions -- 2013
Civil Penalties and Other Legal Actions -- 2012
Civil Penalties and Other Legal Actions -- 2011


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