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Meat and Poultry Inspection Division

Civil Penalties and Other Legal Actions

Civil Penalties - 2015

Mohammed Sbaiti 01/09/2015 View PDF
Eddie Squires 11/06/15 View PDF
B & B Variety and Discount Grocery 11/18/2015 View PDF

Notices of Warning - 2015

Junaluska Exxon 01/20/2015 View PDF
McLaughlin's Farmhouse & Country Store 01/20/2015 View PDF
Nahunta Store & Tire-Shelton Edgerton 01/21/2015 ViewPDF
Brown Farm 03/04/2015 View PDF
Jerry Wayne Wall 03/04/2015 View PDF
McCall's Barbecue and Seafood 03/04/2015 View PDF
Evan's Home Cooking 03/12/2015 View PDF
TJ's Discount Grocery 03/12/2015 View PDF
Largos Supermarket 03/26/2015 View PDF
Ladyfingers Caterers 04/02/2015 View PDF
Jeffery Crane 04/29/2015 View PDF
Crunchie Munchies 05/07/2015 View PDF
Weeks Packing Company (P-93) 05/13/2015 View PDF
Mother Earth Produce 05/07/2015 View PDF
City Market 05/07/2015 View PDF
Cheval Farmstead Dairy 05/13/2015 View PDF
Country Snacks Mfg. (TA-21288) 05/19/2015 View PDF
Pot Pie L.L.C. 06/10/2015 View PDF
Simmaly Khamphengphet 06/25/2015 View PDF
Boardwok South Restaurant 07/01/2015 View PDF
Ramsey Express 07/01/2015 View PDF
Dickies Half Price Foods 07/09/2015 View PDF
Vernell Randolph 07/22/2015 View PDF
Lagos Meat Market 07/28/2015 View PDF
Harvest House 08/05/2015 View PDF
Beaver Creek BBQ 09/16/2015 View PDF
El Ranchito 09/16/2015 View PDF
Irene Cortes 10/07/2015 View PDF
Buck Creek Farm 10/14/2015 View PDF
Lexington Style Trimmings 10/26/2015 View PDF
J & M Mini Market 10/28/2015 View PDF
Larc's Table & Catering 12/03/2015 View PDF
Maria Perez 12/04/2015 View PDF
Mayberry Meats and More 12/04/2015 View PDF
Plaza Morelos 12/04/2015 View PDF
Lino Diaz Aguilar 12/16/2015 View PDF

Civil Penalties and Other Legal Actions -- 2011
Civil Penalties and Other Legal Actions -- 2012
Civil Penalties and Other Legal Actions -- 2013
Civil Penaltiesand Other Legal Actioons -- 2014
Civil Penalties and Other Legal Actions -- 2016


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