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Each year, the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market hosts hundreds of school children on class field trips. These educational experiences give students the opportunity to learn more about North Carolina agriculture and where our food comes from. We know that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought uncertainty to area schools and extracurricular programs such as field trips. That’s why we have created a virtual field trip to bring the market to you!

Below, you will find activities and resources teachers and parents can use to supplement lessons in the classroom. While field trips may not be possible for the foreseeable future, we hope you will visit the market on an individual basis. The Piedmont Triad Farmers Market is open on a normal schedule seven days a week. When visiting the market, please remember to practice social distancing, use our handwashing and hand sanitizing stations, and wear your mask.

Careers in Agriculture
This presentation, developed by our WNC Farmers Market in Asheville, discusses the impact of agriculture on the state and national economy. It also covers careers in agriculture as well as issues facing agriculture today.

What’s in Season?
When buying local, it’s important to know what is actually in season where you live. This handout is a helpful guide that shows the growing seasons in North Carolina for different fruits and vegetables. While advances in agriculture have made it possible to extend these growing seasons some, the best selection can still be found during the peak seasons indicated on the handout.

Rainbow of Color
Everyone knows that tomatoes are red, but did you know they can also be green, yellow and purple? Fruits and vegetables come in a variety of colors. In this handout, students work with teachers to find as many colors of different fruits and vegetables as they can. Bring this handout with you to the market, or search for colorful fruits and vegetables online.

Scavenger Hunt
In this activity, students work with teachers to find as many different items that vendors sell at the market as they can. This is a great handout to complete on a trip to the market. Teachers or parents can also access the market’s Facebook page to see photos of items available throughout the year.

Nutrition Wheel
For a healthy diet, it is important to eat a rainbow of color. In this activity, teachers or parents can assign a different fruit or vegetable to each student. Then ask the students to group themselves according to the color of their item. Share with the students the benefits of each color group and how they work together in nutritional synergy.

Additional resources and activities are available through the N.C. Farm to School program, which provides locally sourced fruits and vegetables to North Carolina school districts. Follow the links below for more fall-related fun.

Apple Storybook
Sweet Potato Storybook

Storybook: A Visit to the Apple Orchard

Storybook: Digging for Sweet Potatoes

Activity Guide


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Address:2914 Sandy Ridge Road - Colfax, North Carolina 27235 (map)
Phone: (336) 605-9157 FAX:(336) 605-9401

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