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Poultry Loss Contract Grant Assistance Program

2009 Poultry Loss Contract Grant Assistance Program (PGAP) Awards

The Poultry Loss Contract Grant Assistance Program administered by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, funded by USDA/FSA has completed the award process to eligible farmers.  Sixty one growers/farms submitted applications to the program.  Of those applying fifty nine were eligible for funding with fifty eight receiving checks due to FSA payment limitations. NCDA&CS staff have processed and mailed payment checks to each of the 58 qualified grant recipients. A total of $4,688,516.95 was awarded to these growers. The average grant was $80,836 with many of the growers receiving the $100,000 maximum amount allowable under this grant program. The grant awards are listed below by county.


Joseph Thomas DBA Rolling Acres $34,694.70
William Joseph Thomas DBA Joseph Thomas $ 65,305.30
Clarence Talley $ 91,558.25
Michael Wilson DBA Wilson Farms $100,000.00
Robert Bloxsom DBA J&S Farm $ 56,763.45
E. C. Wright, Inc. $ 67,870.11
Tony Stout DBA Stout Poultry $100,000.00
Barry Johnson DBA Johnson Farm $100,000.00
Randy Gilliland DBA Second Generation $100,000.00
Susan Webster DBA Magnolia Hill $ 51,795.42
Andrew Meeks DBA 4M Farm $ 93,793.96
Pilkington Farms LLC $ 53,635.12


Morgan Family Farms LLC $100,000.00
Robert Godwin DBA Godwin Farm $100,000.00


Mike Newton $100,000.00
Lynwood Holland $100,000.00
Patterson and Sons, Inc. $100,000.00
Thurman A. Currin Jr. & Tony Currin DBA Currin Farms $116,086.50
Tony Currin $  41,956.75
Mark Wicker $100,000.00
Robert Robinson DBA River Bend Farm $100,000.00
Mark Currin $100,000.00
Ricky Jones $100,000.00
Buckhorn Farms $100,000.00
Dwayne Parrish $100,000.00
Kay Doby DBA B&K Poultry $66,023.01
Little River Trails Farm & Ranch Inc. $100,000.00
Keith McNeill $100,000.00
  $ 1,324,066.26


Craig Buchanan $100,000.00
Lonnie Thomas $79,493.11
Vince Denny $100,000.00
Gail Deering DBA Sunnyside Acres $100,000.00
Ruth McNeill $44,770.33
Renea Wadsworth DBA Wadsworth Poultry $77,103.02
Correan McNeill $35,856.45
David Cummings $100,000.00
Robert Richardson Jr $100,000.00


Ted Bradshaw DBA Bradshaw Farm $100,000.00



Larry Cox $22,809.93
Danny Simmons DBA Hillside Farms $28,504.57
Wayne Simmons $44,293.03
Frank Macon $100,000.00
David Cheek DBA David Cheek #3 $30,428.17
David Cheek DBA White Rock Farm $60,844.38
Philip C. Leach $57,010.66
Pat Auman $58,092.55
Jason Cheek $64,764.20
Ray Callicutt $77,014.89
Robert Kupchick $100,000.00


Christopher Dewitt $68,039.09
Melanie Dewitt DBA D&M Farm $100,000.00
Dale Dewitt Farms DBA Naked Creek Farm $100,000.00


Marcus R. Wheeler DBA Wheeler Farm $100,000.00
Tommy Webster $10.00
Webster's Farms, Inc. $100,000.00


4C Sons, Inc DBA Spring Farm $100,000.00


Robert S. Hargett, III $100,000.00


Deep River Farm LLC $100,000.00


Total Grant Funds Awarded





Page updated February 22, 2011

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