2008 Agricultural Water Use Survey

Make your voice heard and the facts known -
we need you cooperation on this important survey.

North carolina farmers have the opportunity to document agricultural water use. Based on recent legislation passed in response to the ongoing drought, the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Agricultural Statistics Division, will be surveying farms in early 2009 to do just that.

The survey is important because basic water use information for agriculture is limited in most areas.

While public perception has been that agriculture water use is excessive, other regional surveys have provided facts that show agriculture water use is relatively small in comparison with industrial and non-agricultural water uses.

This survey will provide comprehensive, state-wide facts about agricultural water use so that informed policy decision can be made.

Individual farm data collected will be held strictly confidential by law.

Farms that participate will also be documenting their own agricultural water use needs which is important for ensuring future access.

Your cooperation on this survey is critical to provide accurate facts about agricultural water use.

Look for your survey form in January of 2009. The results will be made available no later than July 1, 2009 and will document agricultural water use during 2008.

Every North Carolina agricultural organization supports the 2008 Agricultural Water Use Survey.


For more information about the
2008 Agricultural Water Use Survey, contact
Herb Vanderberry, Director, Agricultural Statistics Division