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North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services  -  Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory System

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Animals of any species are accepted for necropsy examination. A rewarding necropsy requires a freshly dead animal with signs typical of the disease or condition as seen in the field. Live poultry, piglets, and fish may be preferred. An accurate complete history should accompany the animal. Necropsy exams are performed as soon as possible after submission, and the client is informed of the necropsy findings and tentative diagnosis. Often, additional laboratory procedures are required to arrive at a diagnosis. Charges for necropsy include most ancillary testing required to obtain a diagnosis. Toxin testing or tissue mineral analysis is referred to another accredited laboratory and additional charges are the responsibility of the client. After all testing is completed; a final report is distributed to the client. Only animals submitted for a legitimate diagnostic work-up will be accepted for necropsy. Our services do not include carcass disposal for the owner's convenience. The remains of animals submitted for necropsy cannot be released from the laboratory but pickup by licensed pet cremation services is allowed. Please see the Lab User Guide for more information about necropsy procedures and policies. Necropsy

Dr. Karen Post , Director
Rollins Laboratory
2101 Blue Ridge Road
Raleigh, NC 27607
(919) 733-3986