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Who requires a license or registration from NCDA&CS?
Please See N.C. General Statute §19A 23 for Complete definition of entities.

  • Animal Shelter: privately/publicly owned or operated by non-profit organization
  • Boarding Kennel: Any person that offers service of boarding to public for a fee including in-home services but excluding pet sitting in another person’s home.
  • Pet Shops: acquires dogs/cats for purpose of resale
  • Dealer: Sells puppies/kittens to other dealers, pet shops or research facilities.
  • Public Auction: location where dogs or cats are sold at auction to the highest bidder

How do I obtain a license?
1. Read regulations and prepare facility to meet standards.
2. Complete Application/Program of Veterinary Care (PVC) Form with assistance of licensed veterinarian.
3. Mail Application/PVC to the AWS along with check or include money order for $75.00; Only applicable to Pet shops, Boarding Kennels, Dealers and Auctions
4. Call 919-707-3280 to arrange appointment for initial inspection.
5. Facility must have an approved inspection before license can be issued.
6. Application for license is completed before the initial inspection.
7. Application, Program of Veterinary Form, and Inspection Form will then be processed and a license or registration will be mailed.

Note: It is the responsibility of all applicants to acquire any other applicable, state, county and/or municipal permits.

North Carolina Animal Welfare Act
The North Carolina Animal Welfare Act covers the care, transportation, and protection of dogs and cats owned or cared for by persons licensed or registered pursuant to these statutes. Facilities covered include boarding kennels, pet shops, dog or cat dealers, animal shelters, and public auctions.

Who is responsible for other animal concerns?
Animal Cruelty-local authorities (animal control or law enforcement agencies)
Exotic Animals-United States Department of Agriculture, APHIS (919)855-7100
Rabies-NC Department of Health & Human Services (919)707-5900
Wildlife – Wildlife Commission (919)707-0050
Stolen Animals- local authorities (animal control or law enforcement agencies)
Veterinary Clinics-North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board (919)854-5601


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