North Carolina Agriculture Overview

North Carolina's agricultural industry, including food, fiber and forestry, contributes $78 billion to the state's economy, accounts for more than 17 percent of the state's income, and employs 16 percent of the work force.

North Carolina is one of the most diversified agriculture states in the nation. The state's 52,200 farmers grow over 80 different commodities, utilizing 8.4 million of the state's 31 million acres to furnish consumers a dependable and affordable supply of food and fiber.

North Carolina produces more tobacco and sweet potatoes than any other state and ranks second in Christmas tree cash receipts and the production of hogs and turkeys. The state ranks seventh nationally in farm profits with a net farm income of over $3.3 billion. Net income per farm in the state is over $63,000.

North Carolina Farm Facts

  • Farms in North Carolina - 52,218 +
  • Land in Farms - 8,414,756 acres +
  • Average size of Farm - 168 acres +
  • Farm Real Estate Value per Acre - $4,338 +
  • Net Income per Farm - $57,042 +
  • Value of Agricultural Exports - $3,937,500,000 ++

+ 2012 Census of Agriculture
++ USDA Economic Research Service, 2012


Overview of North Carolina's Leading Commodities
NC Rank in US Agriculture
Crop Records (Highs and Lows)
Livestock Records (Highs and Lows)
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