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Standards Division


There are five registrations or licenses issued by the Standards Division. The Standards Division does not consider criminal history in the issuance of these licenses.

Click on one of the links below to get more information on each registration or license. To go directly to the forms page where you can select the form or application you need, click here for the forms page.

LP-Gas Dealer License,
Motor Fuel Brand Name Registration,
Petroleum Device Technician Registration,
Limited Petroleum Device Technician Registration,
Public Weighmaster License, and
Scale Technician Registration.

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LP-GAS DEALER REGISTRATION - General Statute 119-56 requires that any person, firm or corporation involved in the business of selling, or otherwise dealing in liquefied petroleum gases which require handling, storing, measuring, transporting, or distributing liquefied petroleum gas shall annually register with the Commissioner of Agriculture and provide proof of comprehensive general liability insurance including product liability and automotive liability, if needed. The policy amounts are $1,000,000 for a Class A dealer (provides transportation of LP-Gas) or $100,000 for a Class B dealer, combined single limits. The law provides for alternates to insurance in the form of a bond, certificate of deposit or irrevocable letter of credit. Registration expires when the insurance policy expires. Registration is renewed when proof of policy renewal is received. The Commissioner of Agriculture is responsible for administering all the provisions of the LP-Gas law and regulations adopted by the Board of Agriculture. The Board has adopted the current versions of NFPA Standards 54 and 58. Violators of the law are subject to criminal and civil penalties. For more information on LP-Gas dealer registration contact Jessica Larreau (984-236-4750).

You may also want to call the Business Link North Carolina (BLNC) team at 800-228-8443 or 919-447-7828 to determine your state license needs. Also, you may want to call the North Carolina Propane Gas Association (NCPGA) at 919-787-8485 to get information about this organization that promotes use of propane in North Carolina.

You may download the forms to apply for an LP-Gas Dealer License by clicking here. You will need both the LP-Gas Dealer Application and the Statement of Insurance form.

MOTOR FUEL BRAND NAME REGISTRATION - Per General Statute 119-26 any person selling motor fuels shall register the brand name under which the motor fuels will be sold. Fuels must conform to rules adopted by the Gasoline and Oil Inspection Board. Brand name registration forms must be completed for each grade of motor fuel sold. For more information on motor fuel brand name registration, contact Marcus Helfrich (984-236-4777)

You may download the form to apply for registration of a gasoline or diesel fuel brand name by clicking here.

PETROLEUM DEVICE TECHNICIAN REGISTRATION - When a petroleum measuring device (gasoline meter, fuel oil meter, kerosene meter, etc.) is rejected by a Standards Division employee, a registered petroleum device technician is permitted to perform the necessary repairs and return the measuring device to use. The same is true for new devices or devices which have been serviced. Under General Statute 119-33 and rules adopted by the Gasoline and Oil Inspection Board, a petroleum device technician must register annually and provide evidence that the technician is using a properly calibrated test measure. Initial registration requires two letters of recommendation in addition to providing a lead and wire seal with the current year on one side and the applicant's initials on the other. Registration expires on December 31 of each year. Questions regarding petroleum device technician registration should be directed to Sharon Woodard (984-236-4800).

The Limited Petroleum Device Technician registration is intended for those who need to break the seal on a propane meter to do service but who will not be performing a calibration. This allows the technician to break the seal, perform the maintenance or service, reseal the device, and put the device back into service, but only if the calibration has not been affected.

There is a $20 fee for each of these registrations that must accompany the application.

You may download the forms to apply for registration as a Petroleum Device Technician or Limited Petroleum Device Technician by clicking on the appropriate license name.

PUBLIC WEIGHMASTER LICENSE - Applicants must be at least 18 years old and annually purchase a license and seal ($25 fee) from the department. As detailed in General Statute 81A Article 5, public weighmasters must observe certain requirements or risk criminal and civil penalties. Licenses expire on June 30 of each year. For more information, contact Shawnta White (984-236-4753).

You may download the form to apply for a new Public Weighmaster License by clicking here.

If you have received a renewal form and want to renew online with a credit card, you may do that here.

SCALE TECHNICIAN REGISTRATION - Scale technician registration provides a means for officially rejected and new or repaired weighing devices to be placed in service without having to wait for a Standards Division employee to perform the test. Technicians must register annually and provide an annual certification of the standards of weight which they use in their work. Registration expires on June 30. Each technician is required to complete a service certificate for all new installations and when returning officially rejected scales to service. Failure to comply with the law may subject a scale technician to criminal and civil penalties. Questions should be directed to Sharon Woodard(984-236-4800).

There is a $20.00 registration fee for all Scale Technicians.

You may download the form to apply for registration as a Scale Technician by clicking here.


Last updated August 17, 2021

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