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Fee Schedule (partial) for the North Carolina Standards Laboratory

North Carolina General Statutes, Chapter § 81A-12 Fee schedule
Effective September 1, 2005

The following fees apply to all weights that are tested and certified to meet tolerances less stringent than the ASTM International E617 Class 4. This includes the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Class F tolerance. If the weight error exceeds three-fourths of the applicable tolerance, adjustment may be required at an additional fee equal to the normal fee. No extra fee shall be charged for the normal adjustment of a weight cart. Even if weights are rejected or condemned, fees shall be assessed for the test performed.

0-10 lb
$ 5.00
0-5 kg
$ 5.00
11-100 lb
$ 10.00
6-50 kg
$ 10.00
101-1000 lb
$ 20.00
51-500 kg
$ 20.00
1001-2500 lb
$ 30.00
501-1000 kg
$ 30.00
2501-6000 lb
$ 50.00
1001-2500 kg
$ 50.00
Weight Carts
$ 125.00
Up to 6000 lb (includes adjustment)


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Sharon Woodard , Standards Laboratory Manager
Phone: 919-733-4411
Fax: 919-733-8804

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