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Plant Industry - Seed and Fertilizer Section

Registration of Seed Dealers

Each seed dealer offering for sale any agricultural, vegetable, or lawn or turf seeds for seeding purposes shall register on a yearly basis.  This registration must be completed for each location where similar activities occur by January 1st of each year.  The following fees apply:

  • Wholesale or combined wholesale and retail seed dealer:  $125.00
  • Retail Seed Dealer:  $30.00


To register a new seed dealer, please refer to the checklist below:

New Seed Dealer Registration Checklist:

Submit originals to NCDA&CS and maintain a copy for your files.

  1. Complete “Form SF04 - Application For New Seed Dealer’s License” 

  2. Remit fee of either $125 or $30, dependent on your license type.

Questions relating to new seed dealer registration registrations may be directed to or to 919-707-3730.








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