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Plant Industry - Seed and Fertilizer Section

Soil Additives Registrations and Renewals

Each soil additive distributed in North Carolina is to be registered by the person whose name appears on the label.  As part of the registration process, the applicant is to provide proof of claims made for the soil additive.  If no specific claims are made, the agency may require proof of the usefulness and value of the soil additive and related experimental data.

To Register a New Soil Additive Product, please refer to the checklist below:

New Soil Additive Product Registration Checklist

Submit originals to NCDA&CS and maintain a copy for your file.

  • Form SF05 - Soil Additive Registration Form PDF Document must be completed.
  • Remit registration fee of $100 per year for each product to NCDA&CS.
  • Product Label-Include a copy of the label for the product with all advertisements, including brochures, posters, or other information product.

Questions relating to new soil additive product registrations may be directed to or to 919-707-3730.

Soil Additive Annual Renewal Registration Checklist

  • The NCDA&CS-Seed and Fertilizer Section will issue, prior to the expiration date, a renewal application for those products previously registered.  Upon receipt, this document must be thoroughly reviewed for the products previously registered.  Those products that are not to be renewed must be marked for deletion.  Please note, all soil additive registrations expire on December 31 of each year.
  • New products that are to be submitted for registration must be accompanied by forms as noted in the New Soil Additive Product Registration Checklist.
  • Remit the fee of $100 for each product to NCDA&CS.


Labeling Requirements

Every soil additive container shall be labeled on the face or display side in readable and conspicuous form the following:

  • Product name
  • Guaranteed analysis
  • Statement of claim or purpose
  • Adequate directions for use
  • Net weight or volume
  • Name and address or registrant.

General Tips for Registrants
The following tips should assist registrants in successfully completing the registration of new products and in the renewal process for soil additives:

  • Be sure to fully complete and submit the application form.
  • Registrants should understand that NCDA&CS staff will not be able to review labels without the submission of a full application package.  Registrants are encouraged to email or phone 919-707-3730 with questions when preparing their registration packages.
  • To expedite the process, please watch for common mistakes when completing/submitting the required forms.
  • Please note the normal registration review process is generally two weeks. The failure to provide current information may delay the process.





NCDA&CS Plant Industry Division - Seed & Fertilizer Section
Seed & Fertilizer Section Administrator - Danny Turner
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Physical Address: 216 West Jones Street, Raleigh NC 27603
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