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Plant Industry - Seed and Fertilizer Section

Lime and Landplaster Product Registrations and Renewals

Each separately identified lime and land plaster product shall be registered before being sold, offered for sale, or distributed in North Carolina.  The name of the company or person on the label is responsible for registering products before being offered for sale or distribution in the state.  Registrations will be handled through the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services-Seed and Fertilizer Section.

To register a new lime or landplaster product, please refer to the checklist below:

New Lime/Landplaster Product Registration Checklist:
(Note: As part of the registration process, the registrant must identify any products that are products generated by industrial by-processes—these products require supporting documentation).

Submit originals to NCDA&CS and maintain copies for your files.

  1. Form SF03 Application for Product Registration

  2. Remit fee of $5.00 per brand for all packages greater than 10 pounds or a fee of $25.00 for packages of 10 pounds or less to NCDA&CS.

  3. Enclose a copy of the most current product label.

Questions relating to new lime/landplaster product registrations may be directed to or to 919-707-3730.

Lime/Landplaster Annual Renewal Registration Checklist:

  1.  The NCDA&CS-Seed and Fertilizer Section will issue a Registration Review to all individual companies with currently registered products prior to June 30th.  Upon receipt, this document must be thoroughly reviewed for products shown or currently offered in the marketplace.  Discontinued products are to be marked for deletion.  All product registrations expire on June 30th.

  2. New products that are to be submitted for registration must be accompanied by forms and supporting documentation as outlined in the New Lime/Landplaster Product Registration Checklist.

  3. Remit fee of $5.00 per brand for all products greater than 10 pounds or a fee of $25.00 for all products 10 pounds or less to NCDA&CS.

  4. Enclose a copy of any labels that have been revised since the last registration period.

  5. A copy of the most current label must be submitted for any products conditionally registered during the registration cycle.

Labeling Requirements

Any lime/landplaster sold or distributed in North Carolina must have a label attached to the package or attached to the weight ticket if distributed in bulk providing the following information:

  1. Product Brand Name

  2. Percent content for elemental calcium and elemental magnesium.  Must be minimum 6% magnesium to be classified as dolomitic.

  3. Percent of product passing 20 and 100 mesh screens.

    1. Calcitic lime-90% must pass 20 mesh/25% must pass 100 mesh.

    2. Dolomitic lime-90% must pass 20 mesh/35% must pass 100 mesh.

    3. Pelletized lime must pass screen sizes dependent upon product type before pelletizing.

NCDA&CS Plant Industry Division - Seed & Fertilizer Section
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