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Imported Fire Ant Treatments

Authorized Insecticides

Insecticides listed below have been registered under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA 7 USC § 135 et seq., 1972), as amended, or have been approved for use under an exemption (sections 18 or 24[c] of FIFRA).Instructions, precautions, and directions for use on the pesticide label must be carefully followed. As of March 2003 the following insecticides are authorized by USDA for the treatment of regulated articles under the IFA quarantine:


Common name Trade name examples Formulation(s) *

bifenthrin                Talstar® G, F
chlorpyrifos                Dursban®, Chlorpyrifos EC, W, G
diazinon                Diazinon/D-z-n® WP, EC
fenoxycarb                Award® Bait
fipronil                Chipco® Choice™; Chipco® Top Choice™ G
hydramethylnon                Amdro® Pro; Siege® Pro Bait
methoprene **                Extinguish® Bait
pyriproxyfen                Distance® Bait
tefluthrin                Fireban® G
* WP and W = wettable powder, EC= emulsifiable concentrate, G = Granular, and F = flowable
** APHIS approval expected in 2003. Check with inspector prior to use.



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