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Protocol for Collection of Nursery Potting Media for Bulk Density Determination

Collect approximately half a gallon of potting media from five different locations around the "media pile." Place all subsamples together in a heavy-duty plastic bag. Double-bagging may be necessary to ensure against breakage during shipment.

Fill out the Bulk Density Determination Form (Use this link to view and then print form). If the media have been treated with pesticides, please indicate that fact in the "Remarks" section of the form. Pack the sample securely in a cardboard box and include the form as mentioned above. Ship to:


USDA, APHIS, Plant Protection and Quarantine
National Monitoring and Residue Analysis Laboratory
3503 25th Ave., Bldg. 4
Gulfport, MS 39501

Samples may also be shipped to State or private laboratories for bulk density determinations. However, the technique or procedure used should be the same procedure used by the USDA laboratory listed above, and in all cases should be the dry weight bulk density



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