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Imported Fire Ant Treatments

Approved Imported Fire Ant (IFA)Treatments for Nursery Stock, Balled or in Containers:

Method E - In-Field Treatment for B&B Stock Prior to Harvest

Procedure - This in-field treatment is based on a sequential application of fenoxycarb, hydramethylnon, methoprene, or pyriproxyfen bait followed by a broadcast treatment of granular chlorpyrifos. The combination treatment is necessary because broadcast application of chlorpyrifos (or other short-term residual insecticides) usually does not eliminate large, mature IFA colonies, and baits are not capable of providing a residual barrier against reinfestation by new queens. Therefore, the bait drastically reduces the IFA population while chlorpyrifos, applied approximately 5 days later, destroys any remaining weakened colonies and also provides a residual barrier against reinfestation by new queens for a minimum of 12 weeks.

Apply bait with any granular applicator capable of applying labeled rates (1.0 to 1.5 lb. of bait per acre). Calibration of equipment is essential, and most granular applicators cannot be accurately calibrated. A Herd® GT-77 Granular Applicator (Herd Seeder Co., Logansport, IN) is frequently used in conjunction with all-terrain vehicles or farm tractors to apply fire ant bait.

Apply bait only when ants are actively foraging. Read and follow the label carefully. At 3-5 days after the bait application, apply granular chlorpyrifos broadcast at 6.0lb. active ingredient (AI) per acre. Treatment area must extend at least 10 feet beyond the base of all plants that are to be certified.

Insecticide and Dosage - All baits are applied at 1.0 to 1.5 lb. of bait per acre, and any approved bait may be used. Granular chlorpyrifos (any registered formulation) should be applied at 6.0 lb. AI per acre.

Exposure Period - 30 days. Plants are certifiable 30 days after the treatment sequence has been completed.

Certification Period - 12 weeks.

Use this link to view and/or print a listing of MITIGATIVE MEASURES required to minimize the impact of IFA quarantine treatments on the environment and human health.
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