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Gypsy Moth Program - 2012 Treatments

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services intends to treat one block with a single application of Mating Disruption between May 7 and May 25.

The Ruffin block is located in Caswell and Rockingham Counties in a remote, sparsely populated area several miles east of Ruffin, NC. Approximately 29 houses and rental properties are located in this block. The landscape topography is rolling and the block is primarily rural, dominated by large expanses of uninhabited woodlands. Many different tree species are present, including oak, hickory, pine, birch, sycamore, cedar, willow, and many others. Hogans Creek runs through the center of this block, with a few tributaries and ponds as well. There are no aerial obstructions present in or adjacent to this block.

Ruffin Block
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