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Plant Industry - Plant Protection Section

Biological Control Projects

The NCDA&CS Plant Industry Division, Plant Protection Section has successfully implemented several programs to biologically control pest insects and weeds. Typically, we are end users, not originators of projects, with limited resources for original research; our research involves follow up on releases and understanding the biology/ecology of both target pest and control agent.
  • Biosurveillance for Emerald Ash Borer using Cerceris fumipennis, a ground-nesting wasp.
  • Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Predator Rearing is a cooperative project with USDA-Forest Service and APHIS.  Predators are not available for distribution to the general public; all beetles reared are released on public lands by the Forest Service.

  • Imported Fire Ant Control benefits all residents by targeting this nuisance pest in pastures, roadsides, and parks.  The parasitic flies Pseudacteon tricuspis P. curvatus have been released and become established in NC. A third species, P. obtusus has been released and we are monitoring for establishment. For more information on the imported fire ant program of NCDA&CS and quarantine areas, see: Red Imported Fire Ant Program.

  • Kudzu Bugs were accidentally introduced in Georgia and began appearing in NC in 2010. This insect feeds on kudzu, but also soybeans and other legumes. Additionally, it is a nuisance pest that invades buildings in the fall, looking for warm places to overwinter.

Mile-a-minute vine is a noxious weed, currently reported from Alleghany, Yancey, and Watauga counties. Host-specific weevils have been released in these locations to help manage populations.

  • The Quarantine Facility is specially designed for working with exotic pests.  Space may be available for lease to researchers.


For Additional Program Information Contact:
Kathleen Kidd –
Biological Control Administrator
Email Address:
(919) 233-8214
(919) 233-8394




NCDA&CS Plant Industry Division - Plant Protection Section
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