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Agricultural Review

September 2013 Poultry & Supplies for Sale

Old English bantams, bb reds, Wheaton, 2013 birds, $5 & up; adult birds, males & dubbed laying hens, $10/ea. Wade Shelton, Mt. Airy 336-374-2254.

Peacocks, $35 & up; guineas, $4 & up; Rhode Island Red & barred rock, $2 & up; turkeys, $7.50 & up. Roy McLamb, Linden 910-893-3012.

Chicken tractor, 10-15 chickens, $425 OBO. Henry Zehr, Union Grove 336-468-2858.

Purebred breeding hens, araconas, buff orpingtons & others, hens, $10/ea.; keets, $4/ea. Syd Gott, Harmony 336-492-2055.

Peacocks, many breeds, $65 & up; pheasants, $50 & up. Alvin Lowery, Rowland 910-738-2540 or 301-2298.

Birmingham Rollers, Old 79 Jaconette Line, deep & freq. spinners, $20/ea. & up. Danny Horner, Mebane 919-563-5658.

India Blue peacocks, male, 2 ½ y/o, $200 or trade for female. Henry Estep, Shelby 704-466-3208.

Quail, gambel, California, blue scale, Mex. speckled, jumbo & white Bobwhites, coturnix, Texas A&M, jumbo browns, albino chukars, rock philby & Barbary, $1.50 & up. Jimmy Furr, Stanfield 704-888-0213.

Birmingham Rollers, perform. bred, great spinners, $10 & up. D.R. Dennis, Randleman 336-498-5034.

Doves, blue & gold parrots, parakeets, cockatoo & other breeds w/cages, $800 & up. Wayne Seabolt, Carthage 910-464-3033.

Turkey poults, heritage breeds, straight run, hatched 05-28-13, $15. Dory Vanduzer, Durham 919-416-9689.  

Pekin ducks, males & females, 6 m/o, $10/ea. Laura Prater, Reidsville 336-549-4482 or 541-0530.

Pearl guineas, 2013 hatch, $4/ea. & up; 2012 hatch, adult male/female, $10/ea. Alvin Searcy, Marion 828-738-8533.

Guineas, pearl grey, 3-4 m/o, $6/ea. James Coble, Pleasant Garden 336-508-3138.

Bobwhite quail, NPIP clean, flight & weathered, $1 & up. Wayne Bullins, Madison 336-871-3222 or 552-0188.

Rare Czech Baghdad pigeons; frillbacks, Lebanons, Portuguese tumblers & other rare breeds, shiping avail., $25. Charles Pearson, Battleboro 252-266-1389.

Waterfowl, redheads, teal, marble, ring, greenwing, bluewing, Brazilian, garganey, shovelers, tree ducks, eytons, black bellied & whitefaced, northern pintails, silver & apricot wood ducks, Bahama & silver Bahama pintail, $30-250. Kevin Briggs, Edenton 252-482-5927.

Pearl guinea fowl, $4 & up. Jennifer Blackburn, Denton 336-425-9435.

Young guineas, asst'd colors, blk. rosecomb bantams & asst'd standard chickens, $5-15/ea. Delbert Spillman, Sophia 336-498-7103.

Chickens, red sex link & white leghorn, 1½ y/o laying hens, good layers, some lay lg. brown eggs, tame & healthy, $6 & up. Randy Wright, Staley 336-622-2386.

Birmingham rollers, many colors, $10 & up; white homers, $20. Danny Martin, Mt. Airy 336-648-1831.

Bantam & standard size chickens, various breeds, chicks & adults, healthy, $2-20. Debbie Bracken, Mocksville 336-671-3117.

3,000 red sex links, Rhode Island Red hybrid, laying age, 16-18 w/o, brown eggs, vac. & de-beaked, $6.75 & up. E.D. Snider, Staley 336-708-2998.

Poultry litter treatment plt, approx. 140, 50 lb. bags, $400. Bernard Beck, Seagrove 336-879-5661.

Slanted wall fans, 48 in., incl. both 115v motors, 2 avail., EC, $300. Michael Jimenez, Mocksville 336-918-1900.

Sebastopol geese, white, smooth breasted & curly, 1 y/o, $150/pair; silkie & showgirl, adults & chicks, blk., white, splash, buff, partridge & calico, show & pet quality, $20-100. Kathy Barba, Catawba 704-252-1742.

Young laying hens, red star & blk. stars, Rhode Island Red, all vac., $10.50. Howard Kelly Sr., Rockwell 704-279-5750.

Millie Fleur cochin bantams, $40/pair; golden campine bantams, $10/pair; $25/trio, spring hatchings. Debbie Shankle, Norwood 704-474-5988 or 244-6090.

Baby chicks, blue, blk., splash & lavender orpingtons, $5/ea.; Rhode Island Reds, buff orpingtons, cuckoo marans, Dominiques, $3/ea. Stacey Helms, Oakboro 704-485-5200.

Guineas, full grown, $12/ea.; keets, $3 & up. Jim Long, Kannapolis 704-699-3871.

Turkey house brooders, $15/ea.; $12/ea./all; Big Cup Ziggety water cups, $1/ea.; super bowl buckets, $5/ea.; tops, $2/ea.; 6 AT Newell curtain machines, $700/ea., equip. EC & 6 y/o. Jason Wells, Rose Hill 910-284-2047.

Guineas, w/o keets, various colors, from free range guineas, colors sold as hatched, $3/ea. Joe Kimball, Robbins 910-464-5494.

Roller pigeons, good colors, will trade for Carneau, homer pigeons or other lg. breeds, $7.50/ea. John Melton, Aberdeen 910-639-1172.

Haywood Digs rollers, from 1963 Smith & Plona, $20/ea. or trade for white homers. Allen Durden, Rockingham 910-895-7448.

Buff cochins & buckeye bantams, young & adult, $6-10. James Wicker, Erwin 910-897-7612.

Pheasants, red gold, yellow gold, lady Amherst & pure silvers, 2013 hatch, $10 & up dep. on age. Ronny Pope, Carthage 910-947-1202.

Wood ducks, mandarins, pintails, garganey teal, cinnamon teal, call ducks, common shell ducks, white faced tree ducks, javan tree ducks, India blue & blk. shoulder peacocks, $20 & up. Brian Daughtry, La Grange 919-222-5125.

Game fowl, greys x hatch roosters; white claret chickens, $25. Earlie Mitchell, New Hill 919-362-7348.

Bantams, many breeds, $2-10. J.P. Butler, Broadway 919-499-4197.

Faverolles rooster, rare breed, 5 toes, $25. Karin Yates, Snow Camp 919-636-0762.

Pheasants, red gold, yellow gold, Reeves, swinehoe, Elliots, koklass, grey peacock, temmincks, $25 & up. Mike Rowland, Durham 919-698-5825.

Toulouse goslings, 2-5 m/o, healthy & friendly, $8-20 dep. on age & qty. Reid, Bahama 919-824-5854.

Muscovy ducks, 2013 hatched babies, $5-10. Mayling Blackwood, Chapel Hill 919-960-8606.




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