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Agricultural Review

September 2013 Hay & Grain for Sale

Orchard grass, field, $3.25/ea.; barn, $4/ea.; fescue, field, $2.75/ea.; barn, $3.25/ea. J. Lloyd Mabe, Danbury 336-703-8232.

Hay, 4x4 rnd bales, $15/ea. Danny French, Ruffin 336-939-2305.

Coastal Bermuda hay, horse quality, no rain/animal waste, sq. bales, field, $3.50/ea.; barn, $4/ea. Glenn Turnage, Benson 919-894-4960.

Coastal Bermuda hay, stored inside, horse quality, no animal waste, sq. bales, $4/ea.; 4x5 rnd bales, $22/ea.; pine needles, longleaf only, $3.25/ea.; wheat straw, $3.50/ea. John Ellis, Eagle Springs 910-673-0417.

Hay, horse quality, rolls, $25/ea.; sq. bales, $5/ea. w/deliv. avail. H. Davis, Elon 336-260-7606.

Fescue hay, 4x4 rolls, no rain prior to baling, in field, $12/ea. Gary Moon, Siler City 919-200-5066 or 663-1899.

Fescue/orchard grass, horse quality, no rain, shelter stored, 4x5 rnd bales, $35-40; cow quality, $25-30, disc. for 10+ bales & deliv. avail. Jay Hohn, Archdale 336-289-3686.

Fescue/orchard grass mix, 17% moisture content, sq. bales, $3/ea.; 4x4 bales, net wrapped, $20/ea.; 4x5 bales, net wrapped, $25/ea., all stored inside, no weeds/rain. Standish Hopkins, Denton 336-302-0353.

Fescue hay, horse quality, 2013 cutting, 4x4 bales, no rain & stored in dry, $25/ea.; $100/5 bales. Chris Spaugh, Clemmons 336-306-2086.

Organic hay, horse quality, sq. bales, fescue & Coastal Bermuda, 40 lbs. avg. weight, out of field, $2.75/ea. & up; trailer, $3.60/ea.; barn, $4/ea. & up. Pat Snider, Staley 336-317-4105.

Orchard grass, 2013 spring cut, sq. bales, horse quality & no rain, fields fert., lime & weed controlled, $6.50/ea. Mark Williams, Reidsville 336-342-6711.

Fescue hay, 4x5 rnd bales, $30/ea.; alfalfa mix, 4x5 rnd bales, $50/ea.; fescue-orchard hay, sq. bales, $4.50/ea. Mark Hollingsworth, Sophia 336-399-1304.

Orchard, fescue & timothy hay, field, $3/ea.; barn, $4.25/ea., deliv. avail. Justin Hailey, Trinity 336-431-2537.

Fescue hay, horse quality, 4x5 rnd bales, $25/ea. Avery Haynes, Harmony 336-463-4085.

Fescue/orchard grass mix, no rain, sq. bales, $3.25/ea. Jeff Baity, Yadkinville 336-463-4675.

Hay, horse quality, sq. bales, fescue w/orchard grass, $4/ea. Vance Hall, Yadkinville 336-469-2422.

Fescue hay, sq. bales, shed kept, $3/ea.; field, $2.75/ea. Steve Jones, Thomasville 336-475-6539.

Fescue/orchard grass, 2013 cutting, sq. bales, $3.50/ea. Marty DeMers, Sophia 336-509-0241.

Fescue hay, 4x4 rnd bales, $25/ea. Ricky Reid, Elon 336-516-0989.

Rnd bales, 4x4, $20; sq. bales, $4/ea. Donald Shaw, Elon 336-613-1836.

Fescue horse hay, 2013 spring & fall cutting, sq. bales, field, $3/ea.; barn, $4/ea. John Warner, Reidsville 336-634-1234.

Orchard/fescue grass mix, sq. bales, deliv. avail. for extra fee, $4/ea. Wakey, Reidsville 336-634-8047.

Orchard & fescue grass mix, 4x5 lg. rnd bales, net wrapped, sheltered & no rain, horse & cow hay avail., fert., weed control, qty. disc., $20-45/ea. Al Cplanero, Summerfield 336-644-0705.

Fescue & Bermuda grass hay, sq. bales, horse quality, $3.50/ea. Sylvia Reid, Welcome 336-731-4015.

Fescue hay, 4x5 rnd bales, no rain & shelter kept, $25/ea. Jeff Smith, Asheboro 336-736-4205.

Alfalfa/orchard grass hay, approx. 50+ lbs., field, $4.50/ea.; off wagon, $5/ea.; barn, $5.50/ea.; orchard grass, $4/ea.; orchard grass/fescue mix, $3/ea. Maurice Yokley, Winston-Salem 336-817-3526.

Orchard grass hay, sq. bales, horse quality, late spring cutting, still has head on, small % red clover mixed in, heavy bales, deliv. avail., $5/ea. Wade Hutchens, East Bend 336-961-2708.

Orchard/alfalfa, field, $4/ea.; barn, $4.50/ea.; straw, $3.50/ea. John Kapp, Rural Hall 336-969-6630.

Fescue hay, heavy & tight sq. bales, June cutting, deliv. avail. for extra fee, barn, $3.50/ea. Adam Moore, Monroe 704-361-2435.

Fescue hay, sq. bales, horse quality, $4/ea. Willard Moose, Mt. Pleasant 704-436-9056.

Wheat for feed/seed, 55 gal. drum, $45/ea.; 50 lb. bag, $8/ea. Randy Clontz, Indian Trail 704-634-5910.

Fescue hay, sq. bales, horse quality, $4/ea. Johnny Harrison, Salisbury 704-639-0867.

2013 alfalfa, sq. bales, excel. quality, in barn; orchard grass, in barn, southeastern Catawba co, $5-10/ea. David Beam, Claremont 704-662-5730.

Fescue hay, sq. bales, $3/ea. John Eury, Concord 704-794-7775.

Fescue hay, horse quality, 2013 cut, in barn & no rain, sq. bales, $3.75/ea.; 4x5 rd bales, $30/ea. Robert Connell, Concord 704-918-0846.

Fescue/orchard mix, 4x4 rolls, in barn on pallets, $30/ea.; fescue, in barn, $25/ea. Tony Sigmon, Claremont 828-238-3290.

Hay, barn, $3/ea.; field, $2.75/ea.; 100+ bales, $2.50/ea. Ronnie Lovelace, Bostic 828-245-0030.

Fescue/orchard/clover mix & oat/rye grass mix, 4x5 rnd bales, horse quality, in dry & no rain, barn, $30/ea.; some w/rain, dry now, barn, $20/ea. w/deliv. avail. Josh Teague, Cleveland 828-312-0373.

Oats, 2013 grain, very clean, 32#, $7/bushel. P.A. Heavner, Valdese 828-443-0816.

Orchard/Timothy hay, horse quality, sq. bales, analysis avail. upon req., deliv. avail. for 150+ bales, $8/ea.; orchard/Timothy hay, horse quality, 4x5 net wrapped rolls, analysis avail. upon request & deliv. avail. for 17+ rolls, $55/ea. James Fender, Marion 828-606-2959.

Hay, never sprayed & kept dry, extra clean, horse quality, in barn, $5/ea. Donald Hall, Seven Springs 919-223-4322.

Cheyenne Bermuda hay, sq. bales, suitable for horses, cattle & other livestock, $5/ea. Earley Wilder, Zebulon 919-365-3939.

Fescue/orchard hay, horse quality, spring 2013 cutting, lots of orchard, $4.75/ea. Donald Baker, Youngsville 919-616-4190.

Cheyenne Bermuda hay, horse quality, small sq. bales, 50 lbs./ea., hay analysis & deliv. avail., $5/ea. Jason Britt, Mt. Olive 919-689-2686 or 920-2765.

Fescue/orchard rnd bales, 2013 1st & 2nd cutting, stored dry in barn, deliv., $1/loaded mi., cow, $20-25/ea.; horse, $30-35/ea.. Kim Godon, Goldston 919-770-1070.

Orchard grass/fescue mixed hay, sq. bales, deliv. avail., barn, $4/ea. Jimmy Womble, Chapel Hill 919-812-0832 or 933-1374.

Coastal & alfalfa hay, locally grown, moisture tested, NCDA tested, top 3 at State Fair in ea. category, deliv. avail., $6-9/ea. John Burt, Fuquay-Varina 919-971-5437.




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