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Agricultural Review

July 2014 Poultry and Supplies for Sale

Quail, gambel, California, blue scale, Mex. speckled, jumbo & white Bobwhites, coturnix, Texas A&M, jumbo browns, albino chukars, rock philby & Barbary, $1.50 & up. Jimmy Furr, Stanfield 704-888-0213.

Gray cockatiel birds, $25/ea. Orval Beasley, Clinton 910-337-0416.

Pheasants, $50 & up; peacocks, $65 & up. Alvin Lowery, Rowland 910-301-2298.

Pearl guineas, taking orders for 2014 hatch, $3/ea. & up. Alvin Searcy, Marion 828-738-8533

Bourbon red turkeys, 10 w/o, $25/ea. N. Hobson, Pittsboro 336-376-8137.

Toulouse geese, grey & white, orange legs & beak, various ages, lg., friendly, approx 20 avail., $25/ea.; entire flock, $20/ea. Leif Diamant, Pittsboro 919-542-4134.

Super Saver XL poultry house heaters, 225,000 btu, lp gas, new style igniters, $125/ea. Barry McSwain, Norwood 704-985-3751.

Utility King squabbing pigeons, sold in pairs, reproduce approx. every 60 days, easy to clean, lg. comm. variety, $50. John Dean, Louisburg 252-207-4947.

Game chickens, adults & chicks, roundheads, reg. greys, sids, muggs, asils, hatch, not hatchery birds, pure deep games, $10-100. Cody Pearson, Battleboro 252-382-4583.

3,000 red sex link pullets, Rhode Island Red hybrids, laying age, 17 w/o, vacc. & debeaked, lays brown eggs, $6.75 & up. E.D. Snider, Staley 336-317-4105 or 708-2998.

Birmingham roller pigeons, performance bred, great spinners, rare colors, $20 & up. Darrell Dennis, Randleman 336-498-5034.

Birmingham roller show pigeons, $10; lg. hutch, $150; med. hutch, $130; small hutch, $100. Jimmy Shermer, Jonesville 336-526-1360.

Ringneck pheasant hens, young, fully feathered, flying, $5/ea. w/disc. for lg. orders. Fred Hill, Roxboro 336-598-4710.

Red sex link & white leghorn laying hens, 1 y/o, $6. Randy Wright, Staley 336-622-2386.

Heritage narragansett turkey poults, excel. genetics & disposition, $12 w/lg. qty disc. Rebecca Whitley, Asheboro 336-629-9774.

Portable chicken coop w/lg. pen, $165; Little Giant plastic nest box, $12; 7 lb. plastic feeder, $5; 1 gal. waterer, $3; metal feeder on pedestal, $5; mason jar chick feeder base, $2; 2, mason jar chick water bases, $1/ea.; 2, metal chick feeders, $3/ea. Lori Ball, Lexington 336-934-0159.

Blk. shoulder & India Blue peafowl, $35-60. Jim Powell, Shelby 704-300-8027.

Standard bronze turkeys, 5 w/o-1 y/o, free range & fed all natural crumble, $15-40. William Parker, Statesville 704-575-9750.

Blk. copper maran, barrel rocks & guinea keets, 1-12 w/o, $5 & up. Jim Long, Kannapolis 704-699-3871.

Seramas, young birds, 2 m/o & up, beautiful, various colors, smallest breed of chicken, to good homes only, $15 & up. Samantha Allen, Salisbury 704-798-0632.

Pheasants, silver, golden red & ringneck, young chicks, $5/ea.; mature birds, $20-25/ea.; melanistic mutants & jumbo ringnecks mix, will trade for other breeds. Ed Mills, Kannapolis 704-932-8034.

Buff orpingtons, barred rocks, 6 w/o, females, $6/ea. Danny Davis, Wallace 910-271-1302.

Chicks, quail, Bobwhite, Tennessee red, Texas A&M & jumbo brown coturnix, $0.50/ea. George Parker, Lumberton 910-374-8176.

Poultry houses, 2-40x500, buyer takes down & removes, $15,000/ea.; Val drinker lines w/nipples, $5/ea.; 10 ft section 48 in. fans, $50/ea.; 2-28 ton feed bins, $1,600/ea.; 4, gas meters, $50/ea. Greg Coggins, Biscoe 910-571-1159.

Lavender orpington chicks, 8-12 w/o, selling sets of 3, 2 hen & 1 rooster only, $25. John Rooks, Rocky Point 910-675-9124 8 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays.

Mute swans, wood ducks, mandarins, mallards, redheads, teal, wigeons, tree ducks, barrhead geese, lesser white fronted geese, snow geese, pheasants & peacocks, $20 & up. Brian Daughtry, La Grange 919-222-5125.

Chicks, lavender orpington & well summers; rabbit hutches & chicken coups, $5 & up. Larry Bridges, Raleigh 919-833-0445.

Rare Iowa blue chickens, ½ pheasant, good brooders & layers, do well in hen house, $20. John Kalwitz, Cameron 919-935-9797.

Muscovy duck babies, hatched 05-2014, $5. Mayling Blackwood, Chapel Hill 919-960-8606.





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