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Agricultural Review

July 2014 Hay and Grain for Sale

Orchard grass, in field, $3.25/ea.; barn, $4/ea.; fescue, horse quality, in field, $2.75/ea.; barn, $3.25/ea. J. Lloyd Mabe, Danbury 336-703-8232.

Wheat straw, sq. bales, $4/ea.; orchard & fescue mix, sq. bales, $6-7/ea.; cow & goat hay, $4/ea. Barry Lindley, Pittsboro 919-742-4009 or 542-8920.

Hay, horse quality, rolls, $30/ea. H. Davis, Elon 336-260-7606.

Fescue mix w/orchard grass & clover, horse quality, sq. bales, shed kept, $4/ea. Derek Watson, Reidsville 336-214-3312.

Orchard grass/fescue hay, horse quality, 45-50 lbs., sq. bales, spring cutting, in field, $3.25/ea.; in barn, $4.25/ea.; 4x5 rolls, $25/ea. w/lot pricing avail. Marshall Ratliff, Reidsville 336-342-0068.

Orchard grass hay, clean & no rain, sq. bales, 50+ lbs., at barn, approx. 400 bales, $5.50/ea. Kenneth Chilton, Pilot Mountain 336-399-1973 or 374-2410.

Fescue & orchard mix hay, clean, 2014 cutting, cut in boot stage, sq. bales, in barn, $4/ea.; 4x5 round bales, $30/ea. Cronnie Davis, Ramseur 336-460-4322.

Fescue, 06-14 cutting, sq. bales, $3/ea.; 4x5 rnd bales, $30/ea. Jennifer Benkosky, Burlington 336-516-4859.

Fescue hay, horse quality, in field, $3/ea.; at barn, $4/ea. Keith or Don, Elon 336-584-3195 or 516-8189.

Orchard grass, Timothy, fescue, clover, Kentucky Bluegrass mix, 2014 cutting, horse quality, lg. sq. bales, no rain, will deliv., $5.50/ea. Elizabeth Macdonald, Blanch 336-694-1737.

Orchard/alfalfa, in field, $4/ea.; at barn, $4.50/ea. John Kapp, Rural Hall 336-969-6630.

Coastal Bermuda hay, horse quality, in field, call in advance for time frame for cutting, $4.50-5.25/ea. Ryan Hussey, Eagle Springs 571-969-0216.

2014 oats, buyer's 55 gal. drum, $35; 2014 wheat, 55 gal. drum, $40; empty drums, $10 w/purchase. Randy Clontz, Indian Trail 704-634-5910.

2014 oats, clean, $7.50-8/bu. P.A., Valdese 828-443-0816.

Orchard/Timothy grass, horse quality, sq. bales, $8/ea.; rnd bales, $55/ea. w/deliv. avail. for fee. James Fender, Marion 828-606-2959.

Fescue/orchard grass, 05-14 cutting, no rain, $4.50/ea. Gloria & Jim Jahnke, Chapel Hill 919-967-5558.





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