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Emergency Programs

North Carolina Veterinary Response Corps

The North Carolina Veterinary Response Corps is a North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services initiative. Through this program, veterinarians and veterinary technicians are trained to improve preparedness and response to disaster events that affect livestock and companion animals.

Description of NCVRC

North Carolina has a large animal-based agricultural sector, but there are few veterinarians trained in disaster response affecting livestock. The mission of the NCVRC is to train and prepare professionals in the animal care community to respond to disaster events (all hazard) that affect both production and companion animals. The response of these trained professionals will mitigate the impact to both the state and the nation of such an event.


Who can Participate?

North Carolina veterinarians, licensed veterinary technicians, veterinary students, animal control officers and Cooperative Extension agents have unique skills that will enable NC to be better prepared during disaster events. The livelihood of North Carolina's livestock is dependent upon these educated individuals. At this time, participation in NCVRC is limited to this group. Corps membership requires that each member attend an annual training and complete two online training courses. Training for leadership positions within the Corps is also available.

If you are a member of one of these groups, we welcome you to contact our coordinator: Mandy Tolson.

Benefits of Participating in the NCVRC
  • Contribute to preparedness and response during disaster events that affect animals
  • FREE training!!
  • Continuing Education Credits
  • Access to other opportunities
Requirements for Deploying
  • ICS 100, 200, and 700
  • Biosecurity/PPE Training
  • Knowledge of NC Emergency Management
  • Knowledge of Emergency Support Functions
  • Attendance at VRC Meetings
  • Signing a Code of Conduct
  • Knowledge of NC Emergency Operations Plan
Training Suggestions
Federal Emergency Management Agency Online Trainings
Volunteer Management

As the VRC continues to grow, it has become necessary to find a database management system that allows NCDA&CS to properly utilize the knowledge and skills of members.  In 2009, we joined the state’s volunteer management system, ServNC, and feel that this system best meets our needs.  This is the same system that is used by volunteers responding to human health needs within NC.  It has numerous capabilities that are ideal for disaster response.  This system houses our member data and is utilized for deployments and messaging.  ServNC is the only system we utilize. If you would like to join the VRC, then you must register through  Newsletters, training announcements, and deployment requests all come through servNC. The registration process takes approximately 30 minutes and is very comprehensive.  Please be as complete as possible when you register. This information is secure and your privacy will be protected.

NCDA&CS Emergency Programs Division, John Howard, Director
Mailing Address:1035 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699
Physical Address: 2 West Edenton Street, Raleigh, NC 27601
Phone: (919) 807-4300 Fax: (919) 807-4303

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