AForked Cedar and Scuppernong Farm

AForked Cedar and Scuppernong Farm
Gary Fay
Shanklins Dead End Road
Efland, NC 27243
Phone: 919 357 8126

Focused on Computers, so you can focus on business.

Special News
Free web listing at http://orphan or

About Us:
I started raising sheep in 2001. I selected Jacob sheep, a rare breed of sheep imported to the United States from England. I selected this breed because of its hardy nature and beautiful horns.

In addition to the sheep I write medical software in the R.T.P. area of North Carolina. I had several friends who desired farm websites so they asked me to build and host their agribusiness website. It launched my company Orphan I raise sheep for the enjoyment of having animals, because I have a biology background, and it keeps me humble. I have been programming professionally since 1997 and design and build webbased healthcare information delivery systems. Most of my sites are database driven and have versatilities and capabilities that free pages and template-driven sites cannot offer, including online form processing, custom actions and transactions.

If you are curious about what I can offer please visit, OrphanSystems or NC Farm Swap

Our Products:
Web application development, Jacob Sheep.

We are an online business. We can be reached at
*I have sold my sheep for 2006*

Web Site:

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