Karess Krafters

Karess Krafters
Richard or Rochell Selvey
P O Box 521
Holly Springs, NC 27540
WAKE County
Phone: 919-404-9652

inspired by nature!

Special News
All of our skin care products are made by hand with YOU in mind!

About US
Who We Are
Karess Krafters is an eco-friendly company committed to protecting and nourishing skin and our precious earth. With over two dozen unique soaps, sugar scrubs, lip balms and more, we use a combination of quality ingredients and careful preparation to create superior skincare products with a lovely handcrafted touch.

Rochell Selvey, Founder
In 2005, motivated by the need to find a skincare product that would relieve her husband Richard’s dry, irritated skin, Rochell Selvey learned that the vast majority of commercially prepared “soaps” were harmful not only to the skin, but also to the environment. The chance discovery of a simple, handmade bar of olive oil soap inspired Rochell to start her own business. With a degree in Information Technology and over 15 years’ experience in the banking and accounting industry, she was well prepared to set up the nuts and bolts of a smooth-running company. Her love of nature’s bounty and an instinctive feel for the gorgeous scents and luxurious textures provided by consumables has led her to create a wide array of luscious skin and hair care products that nourish and protect.

About Us
With all the warnings and recommendations regarding what we put in our bodies, it’s surprising that so many of us put so little thought into what we put on our bodies. Karess Krafters was founded on the principle that skin should be nourished and protected, and that the best path toward this end is to use skincare products made from the finest natural ingredients Mother Nature has to offer.

From our humble beginning in 2005 with a simple bar of handmade olive oil soap, Karess Krafters has grown and expanded to offer over two dozen unique and quality products. From luxurious soaps that pamper the skin even as they relieve dryness to hydrating, luscious lip balms, Karess Krafters offers superior products designed to "karess" your skin and give it the nutrients it deserves. All skin types will recognize and appreciate the difference made when the best natural ingredients are used in products that are crafted by hand.

As a company committed to following environmentally sound practices, we have pledged to our customers to never test on animals, to use the best ingredients nature can provide, to recycle and reuse whenever possible and to work with local suppliers who also keep the environment in mind. This philosophy allows our customers to feel confident that when they purchase our quality skincare products, they’re not just caring for themselves, but also for our precious earth.

~Richard & Rochell Selvey

Our Products
handmade soaps, sugar scrubs, foot care, bath & body, lotions, creams, lip balms, roll on perfume, gift sets and accessories.

We sell online and at various craft festivals. Please check our website for our next apperance.

Hours of Operation
You can shop 24 hours, 365 days.

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