Clearwater Unlimited LLC

Clearwater Unlimited LLC
Jerry Kallam
Post Office Box 658
Clayton, NC 27528
Phone: 800-962-2568
Fax: 919-553-5552

Protecting the Environment with Geosynthetics

About US
Clearwater Unlimited LLC was created to sell products to the dealer. We saw a need for the small to medium size dealers to have a distributor that could provide them with superior quality products and instant product knowledge.

We will treat you with respect and help build a lasting relationship between our company and yours. If we cannot help you with the right price or right product, we will gladly put you in contact with someone who can help you.

We will gladly help the individual make the right decision about the products they need.

Our Products
Geotextiles, Filter fabrics, Geogrids, Erosion Contol, Silt Fence, Matting, Wire, Post, Clips, cattle carpet, Equaterra, seed, annual rye, rye grain, fescue, bermuda, sericia lespedeza, saftey fence, sod staples, tarps, geomembrane liners, hydroseeding, curlex, drainage, plasitc pipe, sand fence

Our current warehouse is directly behind the Clayton Post Office in Clayton, NC. Call before you come, as we deliver to NCDOT all over the state and might not be at the warehouse.

Hours of Operation
8-5 Monday thru Friday

Web Site

Here's where you can find our products
We currently provide NCDOT with a lot of our products, as we hold a term contract with them. Also, many dealers in your local area carry our products, and we would encourage you to purchase from one of our dealers.


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