7877 Flower Hill Rd
Middlesex, NC 27557
Phone: 919-333-0700

Special News
September 2015...We have 14 month old yearlings for sale. Also have chicks that are 2 months old, will start selling the chicks at 3 months old (which will be mid to late October). taking deposits now to hold chicks.

About Us:
Flower Hill Ostrich Farm was founded in 1994. Our first birds were African Blacks, but we soon added Blue and Red/Blue stock and crossed with the African Blacks to produce a larger bird. The crossed birds have the larger size from the blue/red bloodlines but also have high egg production from the African Black bloodlines.

Some of our customers include Zoo Atlanta, Baltimore Zoo, the Houston Zoo, the Richmond Zoo, the Norfolk Zoo, and the Dixie Stampede (both the Myrtle Beach,SC and Pigeon Forge, TN locations). In 2007, members of the AZA (American Zoo and Aquarium Association) recognized us as being reputable breeders with good quality birds.

Our Products:
Ostrich Breeders- Blue/Black crosses, African Blacks, Red/Black/Blue crosses. When Available: Ostrich chicks, Ostrich eggshells, fertile ostrich eggs, fresh ostrich eggs. Call or email for availability of these products.

Visitation by appointments only. Call for more information.

Hours of Operation:
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Where our products can be found:

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