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At Rawlings Consulting Forestry, we define forestry as the artful science of manipulating the forest ecosystem for the obtainment of client-specific desires, goals, and objectives. Whether you are seeking to sell your timber or manage your land, or if you have stumbled upon our site or heard about us from a friend, we invite you to learn more about us and the services we offer.

Rawlings Consulting Forestry offers professional forestry services for forest landowners. Our specialties include forest management, timber sales, forest management plans, GIS/GPS detailed mapping, forest inventory, reforestation, pine straw production and forest management with endangered species.

Our Products
Forestry Consulting Services, Forest Management, Timber Sales, Forest Management Plans, GIS mapping, GPS Mapping, Forest Inventory, Timber Appraisal, Reforestation, Boundary Line Relocation, Pine Straw Production, Forest Management With Endangered Species, Pulpwood Thinning

Rawlings Consulting Forester serves the entire central and eastern portion of North Carolina. While it is always nice to assist landowners close to home, we understand that asking you to bring your timberland to us is impossible; therefore, we come to you.

Hours of Operation
Just about all of the time. If we don�t answer the phone, we are in the woods.

Web Site

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Rawlings Consulting Forestry
Bradley J Rawlings
PO Box 1134
Wendell, NC 27591
WAKE County
Phone: 919-365-5451

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