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With the assistance of my husband, Danny, we operate a commerical goat farm consisting of 100+ breeding does. We have Boers, Alpines, Spanish and various other crosses for our breeding program. We prefer the dairy does crossed with a full-blood Boer buck because these girls feed their kids good, rich milk and we don't have to supplement the kids with too much grain. These crossed does produce healthy, meaty kids. Young does are sold for commercial breeding and the males are sold for meat.

I keep extensive records and our animals are sent to market "drug" free. This means that our animals for slaughter are free from wormers and antibiotics - just good, lean, organic meat. When these animals hit the sale ring, the bidding is brisk due to the quantity and quality of meat available

Our goat farm started as a hobby back in 1998. We started with 4 does and 1 buck and now have 125+. Since we love our goats so much (they all have names), we had to market some to feed the others during the winter months. Our goats are beautiful, gentle animals who provide us a way to use the family farm, keep us in good physical condition, and provide us with a small supplemental income

Our Products
Goats - Commercial breeding stock, meat goats.

Five miles from Exit #90 off I-95, south of Smithfield, NC

Hours of Operation
By appointment only - 7 days a week.V

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Out of Business CLOSED

Here's where you can find our products
Lassiter-Norris Goat Farm, 237 Faith Church Road, Four Oaks, NC

Gail lassiter
237 Faith Church Road
Four Oaks, NC 27524

Special News

Registered Full Blood Boer Buck born 4/4/05. Price $300 Commercial Boer-Cross Does $150/up.

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