Spice It Up! Gourmet Sauces

Spice It Up! Gourmet Sauces
Tyrone M. Holmes
PO Box 2382
Oxford, NC 27565
Phone: 919-482-5850
Fax: 919-321-1388

Special News
With every case purchase, you will receive (1) free bottle of either a 5oz Gourmet Hot Sauce or any 12oz Gourmet Sauce.

About Us:
At Holmes Food Products, we consider ourselves fire starters. It is our pleasure to introduce to you our complete line of Spice It Up! Gourmet Specialty Sauces so that you, too, can join the ranks of the "brave" and share our fiery products with your customers and family.

As the name implies, Spice It Up! Gourmet Specialty Sauces are made with spices of such quality that other chefs and sauce makers have used them in their own creations. Our sauces are condiments, to be used sparingly in a variety of dishes, from poultry and meats to pasta and vegetables, and customer feedback has been outstanding: Spice It Up! Gourmet Speciality Sauces are among the best tasting (and hottest!) products that exist on the market today.

Our logo and label designs are big, bright and bold - just like the flavors. Our sauces are ready-to-use, hot or cold, and are naturally low in calories and fat free. What more could anyone want from such zesty sauces? Feel free to contact us at your convenience. We will make efficient use of your time to show how carrying Holmes Food Products will help you meet your sales goals and quench your hunger for the best in hot & spicy foods.

Our Products:
Holmes Food Products produces the best in hot & spicy gourmet specialty sauces.We offer Gift Paks, Gift Crates and we also cater to the food service industry by offering gallon canisters. Holmes Food Product line includes; The Original Gourmet Sauce, Blazin' Gourmet Hot Sauce, Flaming Fiesta Grilling Sauce, Garlic Lover's Gourmet Sauce, Mean Green Seafood Sauce and Tropical Storm Gourmet Sauce.


Hours of Operation:
24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week via our website

Web Site:

Where our products can be found:
Specialty Stores and markets. Check our website for a location nearest you.

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