sunshine lavender farm

sunshine lavender farm
Annie Baggett
4104 Millstone Road
Hurdle Mills, NC 27541

At sunshine lavender farm, our goal is to grow the most beautiful and fragrant lavender in North Carolina. We create unique, hand-crafted lavender products and memorable experiences that will enhance your life and the lives of those you love. Helping to preserve the rural landscape, using organic practices and promoting community spirit are priorities.

Special News
*Lavender Harvest Celebration* Many farm friends enjoy our June celebration each and every year as a tradition since the farm is open just a few days a year ... bringing loved ones along for a weekend of relaxing, sweetly scented, nearly summer fun. We hope that you will join us as too! See the farm during the lavender blooming season. Take a personalized tour. Visit the Poultry Palace & Kitchen Garden. Craft with fresh and preserved lavender. Eat locally prepared food such as our famous Chocolate or Vanilla Lavender ice cream. See artists paint, photograph and create. Find loads of beautiful lavender plants and our complete line of gifts for body, garden, home and weddings ~ and so very much more! Sunday, June 2 from 10 am - 4 pm. Hope to see you there!

About US
sunshine lavender farm is a small non-traditional farm growing exclusively lavender. The farm began in the fall of 2002 when family and friends enjoyed the field planting disguised as a party! The farm has been embraced by the community and the idea of fresh lavender in summer and value added lavender products all year long.

Lavender is the herb of devotion, joy and luck, so it is the perfect flower for a wedding or special occasion. The fresh scent is soothing and can even ease headaches and induce sleep. In the garden, lavender repels moles, flies, mosquitoes and deer do not care for it. Lavender planted nearby roses, annuals, vegetables or other "deer candy" will deter them! Like many herbs, lavender is wonderful to cook with. When your recipe calls for rosemary, try lavender instead. It is wonderful in cookies, breads and cakes; in preserves, dressings and sauces and is tasty when grilling chicken, fish and pork.

Our Products
Fresh lavender (perfect for late May through July weddings or celebrations) and preserved lavender bouquets, lavender plants, hand-crafted lavender bath salts, lavender bed & bath powder, lavender candles, culinary lavender, pure lavender eye pillows, lavender grill & fireplace bundles, lavender hand & body cream with shea butter, lavender lip balm, pure lavender sachets and lavender soap.


Hours of Operation
We share our farm through farmers' markets and special events. Since our farm is our home and we share a private road with neighbors, our farm is not open to the public.

Web Site

Here's where you can find our products
Shop at anytime. For our local clientele in our home county of Orange, find some of our products at Fetch, Vintage Treasures for Home & Garden in historic downtown Hillsborough and Weaver Street Market in Carrboro. Also visit the Duke Hospital Farmers' Market on Fridays April-September, 11 am - 2 pm. Market is located near covered walkway between North and South at the Medical Center Book Store. Also at the Hillsborough Farmers' Market (8 am - Noon) and Greensboro Curb Farmers' Market (6 am - Noon) on Saturdays monthly. Please check our web site for dates, directions and details by clicking on Events/Farmers' Markets at


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