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Carolina Sauce Company
Greg Leman
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Durham, NC 27707
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Greg's Happy Sauce Greg's Hot 'N Bothered Sauce

About US
The Carolina Sauce Company is a Durham, NC based web site that specializes in hot sauce, barbeque sauce, grilling sauce, marinades, pasta sauce, salad dressing, and snacks -- with a heavy emphasis on products from the Carolinas. We also carry our own line of sauces: Greg's Happy Sauce and Greg's Hot 'N Bothered Sauce.

We're located in the heart of barbeque country, and we've got a special affection for the local barbeque sauces. While many might consider the superiority of mustard, tomato, or vinegar based barbeque sauces to be a religious debate, we love them all. And that's why we have the most comprehensive collection of Carolina barbeque sauces available on the web. If it's hard to find, we've probably got it.

We're a 5 star rated member of the Yahoo store system. This is the highest rating, and we're the leader in our category. Your purchases are covered under Yahoo's Buyer Protection program. We generally ship the same day that we receive an order.

Our Products
sauce, hot sauce, barbeque sauce, grilling sauce, marinade, snacks, pasta sauce, salad dressing


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We're open all the time! Order with your credit card on-line.

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