Jacob Sheep & Wool......Naturally!

About US
Perfect Spot Farm, is located near Forest City, NC, and is home to our flock of registered Jacob Sheep.
We sell these unique sheep, and many lovely products they provide. Our flock receives no hormones or antibiotics; they are raised naturally on grass, hay, whole grains, fresh air and Carolina sunshine!

The Jacob sheep is a spotted, horned, ancient breed that dates back to Biblical times. These striking & unique black & white spotted sheep commonly have 2 or 4 horns. Listed as a rare breed by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, Jacobs are intelligent and personable; because they are a primitive breed, they are healthy, hardy & disease resistant. The ewes are superb mothers and lamb easily without assistance. Their smaller size makes them easy to handle and ideal for acreages or small farms. Jacobs are a dual purpose breed, providing beautiful wool and lean, delicious meat. All things considered, this a breed that is truly a joy to raise!

Our Products
Jacob sheep (breeding stock, pets, & grass grazers), fleeces, rovings & yarn, washable sheepskins, felt yardage from our own wool, handfelted gift items.

Please call us for directions.

Hours of Operation
By appointment only.

Web Site

Here's where you can find our products
Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (WNC Fairgrounds) October annually, at farm by appointment, or online. Email inquiries are always welcome!

Cathy & Greg Robinson
176 Bronze Circle
Forest City, NC 28043
Phone: 828-248-9533

Special News


Lambs & Registered Adult Ewes For Sale!

JACOB FLEECES FOR SALE: variety of beautiful natural shades in every fleece. Top quality for spinners, weavers, fiber artists!

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