Happy Taste Inc.

Happy Taste Inc.
Debbie Cummings
P.O. Box 806
Pleasant Garden, NC 27313
Phone: 336-674-1555
Fax: 336-674-3928

About Us:
We made our first batch of HAPPY TASTE® All Purpose Sauce on May 1, 1999. We started in our kitchen with a basic ketchup-vinegar base and added and subtracted ingredients from there. We gave samples to our friends and family for "taste-testing" and to get their input. We kept experimenting until we got the taste just right. When we were finally satisfied with the taste we went about the process of getting our product on the market. We spent a year having HAPPY TASTE® All Purpose Sauce tested, getting the proper licenses and permits, being inspected, experimenting with bottle sizes, creating our logo, etc. When everything was in place, we began retailing in December of 2000, mostly to individuals. Then we began placing HAPPY TASTE® All Purpose Sauce in "Mom and Pop" stores. Our sauce is very popular and we now have it in all Lowes Foods in Greensboro, Asheboro, and Ramseur as well as many other stores - A list of retail stores where you can buy HAPPY TASTE® All Purpose Sauce is listed below.

We kept getting requests for a hot version and again, began experimenting with various ingredients until we found just the right additive to make the sauce hot enough, without changing the delicious taste. We began selling HAPPY TASTE® All Purpose Sauce Hot in June of 2001. It has become as popular and the mild version. We have had a good time making and marketing our sauce. It has been hard work but well worth it to produce a delicious, all-purpose sauce. We have had folks tell us that they have used HAPPY TASTE® All Purpose Sauce on scrambled eggs, in soups, on french fries, on vegetables and of course with seafood, meats and poultry, as a marinade, for dipping and for barbecuing. It is delicious and habit-forming! We hope you will consider trying HAPPY TASTE® - All Purpose Sauce too! It is still homemade and it truly is "THE SAUCE THAT PUTS A SMILE ON YOUR FACE!!"

You may order from our webpage http://www.happy-taste.com Please check there for pricing and our types of sauces.

Our Products:
Can be used as bbq sauce, marinade, salad dressing, dipping sauce, to flavor soups and sauces. Great on vegetables too. Comes in Hot and Mild. Currently working on Super Hot.

Web Site:

Where our products can be found:
Check the Web Site http:/www.happy-taste.com for our List of Stores.

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