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Imagine fresh, locally produced milk available to you in returnable glass bottles. Our milk is produced by cows at Maple View Farm and bottled at our processing plant on the farm. We never have and never will use artifical growth hormones on our cows. Only the milk produced by the Maple View Herd is processed by Maple View Farm Milk Co. The plant manager, Roger Nutter pledges to you fresh, wholesome, deliciously refreshing milk.

Maple View Farm Milk Company is located in Orange County, North Carolina, just northwest of Chapel Hill. We raise our own crops for our cows. During the various seasons of the year, our cows eat hay, corn, silage, grass, or a combination of them all. We also grind our own grain to make sure the combiation of grains, minerals, and vitamins is a perfect complement to the grass or silage our cows are currently eating. We do this so that our cows will produce milk to their maximum potential naturally without the use of any synthetic hormone.

Maple View Farm, a grade "A" milk producer since 1922, moved to Orange County in 1963 after selling a five generation dairy farm in Corinna, Maine. Maple View Farm Milk Company is committed to having the freshest milk available to you at all times.

Our Products
Whole Milk, Lowfat Milk, Skim Milk, Chocolate Milk, Buttermilk,Whipping Cream, Butter.Beginning in late October we start bottling Eggnog and it is available through Christmas.

Check out our website for a map and directions.

Hours of Operation
Ice Cream Store hours are seasonal. Call for current hours 919-960-5535

Web Site

Here's where you can find our products
Our milk can be purchased at most major grocery stores in the triangle area. Harris Teeter, Lowes, Kroger, Whole Foods, Weaver Street Market, Mae's Farm at the NC Farmers Market in Raleigh and Maple View Country Store located near the farm.

Maple View Farm Milk
Muffin Brosig
3109 Dairyland Road
Hillsborough, NC 27278
Phone: 919-933-3600
Fax: 919-933-3680

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