About US
these walking sticks are created by nature when a vine grows around a small tree. both the tree and vine continue to grow and over the years the vine will cause the unique curl in the tree.

the walking sticks are hand worked, and crafted into a beautiful walking stick, which will give years of use and pleasure.

you can be sure that if you purchase a curled walking stick that no one else has one like it, because like a snow flake no two are alike. also make blue bird houses and hand carved duck decoys.

Our Products
curled walking sticks, bird housed, hand carved duck decoys.

1406 lincoln st. eden, n.c 27288

Hours of Operation
10 am-8 pm.

Here's where you can find our products
eden flee market and several stores and my shop.

Harry Wray
1406 lincoln st
Eden, NC 27288
Phone: 336-623-8374

Special News

curled walking sticks, carved decoys, and blue bird houses.

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