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Plants for Conservation and Beauty.

About Us
Colonial Acres Nursery is a young nursery still searching for the optimum product mix. We maintain about 150 varieties which change frequently, but always with emphasis on native plants, both well known and rare. Plants range from 1 gallon to 4' caliper trees.

We now have a Outdoor Power Equipment division. We are an authorized Gravely and Husqvarna dealer.

Our Products
Trees and Shrubs:Abelia, Abies-Fir, Aesculus-Buckeye, Acer-Maple, Albizia-Mimosa, Alnus-Alder, Amelanchier-Serviceberry, Asiminia-Pawpae, Berberis-Barberry, Betula-Birch, Buddleia-Butterfly, Buxus-Boxwood, Callicarpa-Beautyberry, Calycanthus-Sweet Shrub, Carpinus-Hornbeam, Carya-Hickory, Cedrus-Cedar, Celtis-Hackberry, Cephalanthus-Buttonbush, Crecis-Redbud, Chionanthus-Fringetree, Clethra, Cornus-Dogwood, Cortinus-Smokebush, Crataegus-Hawthorne, Cypress-Leyland, Euonymous-Strawberrybush, Fagus-Beech, Forsythis-Yellowbell, Fothergilla, Fraxinus-Ash, Gardenia, Ginkgo, Gymnocladus-Coffeetree, Halesia-Silverbell, Hydrangea, Ilex-Holly, Itea, Juniperus-Juniper, Kalmia-Mountain Laurel, Koelreuteria-Golden rain tree, Lagerstromia-Crape Myrtle, Laburnum-Goldenchain tree, Leucothoe-Doghobbble, Lindera-Spicebush, Liquidambar-Sweetgum, Liriodendron-Poplar, Lonicera-Honeysuckle, Magnolia-Evergreen saucer, Malus-Crabapple, Nyssa-Blackgum, Oxydendrum-Sourwood, Physocarpus-Ninebark, Picea-Spruce, Pieris, Pinus-Pine, Plantanus-Sycamore, Prunus-Cherry ottolukin, Quercus-Oak, Rhododendron, Salix-Willow, Sambucus-Elderberry, Sassasfras, Sciadopitys-Umbrella pine, Spirea, Stewartia, Styrax, Syngria-Lilac, Taxus-Yew, Thuja-Arborvitae, Tilia-Linden, Tsuga-Hemlock, Ulmus-Elm, Vaccinium-Blueberry, Viburnum, Weigelia, Xanthorhiza-yellowroot, Zelkova, Zenobia

Brevard, NC. Follow US 64 West until the 4-lane ends, continue to the (2) second left (Green Road). Follow Green Road untill you cross the French Broad River, Turn Right at the end of the bridge onto Hannah Ford Road. Go 1.5 miles and watch for trailers, an old red wood house on the left and the fields on the right

Hours of Operation
Most of the time...By appointment

Where you can find our products
At the nursery only, at present


Silver Maple, Redbud, Bradford Pears, Tulip Poplar, Kwansan Cherry, Purple Plum, River Birch, Weeping Cherry, Green Ash, White Birch, Ginnala Maple; Large sizes, booking now at best prices.

Colonial Acres Nursery
Harold Paxton
2593 Hannah Ford Rd.
Brevard, NC 28712
Phone: 828-884-4330
Fax: 828-884-4330

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