E Industries, Inc.

E Industries, Inc.
John Dail Garner
PO Box 1124
Kenansville, NC 28349
Phone: 910-381-0292

Leaders In Agriculture For Over 20 Years

Special News
E Industries, Inc. is currently trying to develop a regional buying station for goats. This buying station will pay a premium price for local goats. The price is anticipated to be 10-15% above local auction prices. Anyone interested in this venture should give us a call at the number listed above.

About Us:
E Industries, Inc. is a small-scale livestock producer that specializes in meat goats. Our goal here at EII is to produce the highest quality meat goats possible. All of our animals are on a veterinarian directed vaccination and medication program that ensures high quality meat production and the healthiest animals possible.

EII has been investigating new markets for our product over the past years. One such market that showed promise was selling pre-packaged meat directly to restaurants and stores, instead of live animals; however, there are very few slaughter houses in North Carolina that have the willingness or capacity to slaughter goats.

For this reason, EII has decided to investigate the possibility of operating a regional buying station dedicated to goats. This station would pay a premium price for local goats. Animals would be graded based on USDA selections and weights, and a price would be assigned accordingly. The main benefit of selling animals at this station, rather than an auction, is that the price is predetermined. The prices would be available prior to the sale date, so producers will know exactly what price they will receive.

Our Products:
We only deal in quality goats, not diseased or injured animals.

Our farm is located on Veaches Mill Road, north of Kenansville. Call or send an e-mail for more detailed directions or to set up a meeting time.

Hours of Operation:
We are still a family farming operation, so our hours of operation vary from day to day. The best option is to call or e-mail using the contact information listed above.

Web Site:

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